Monday, June 20, 2016

Yearly Blog Check 2016 Results (Survey)

Are you wondering about the results of the survey found HERE? Even if you aren't I will still be making this post to go over the results and what I feel about them. Before I begin I want to thank the four brave souls that took this survey and, in doing so, helped me to understand my fanbase a little bit more.

I am hoping that more people will take the next survey so that the results will be more accurate.
Age Range

One thing I wanted to know was the average age range of a viewer of my blog. I wanted to know when I posted certain content if a young child or an old adult would be viewing it.

It turns out that the average age range of my blog is ages 19-30.
Another thing I wanted to know is what the gender identity of my average blog viewer. I wanted to know if I primarily attract men, women, or any other gender identity.

It turns out that my blog viewers are evenly divided between men and women.
Sexual Identity

It interested me to find out what sexual identity most frequented my blog. I gave people the choice of choosing either Straight or Part of the LGBTQ+ community as the range of sexual identities is extremely vast.

Turns out straight people tend to frequent my blog the most. I was hoping to get more responses from people inside the community as I do my best to represent them.
Where People First Heard About Me

This was something that interested me for advertisement reasons. Every now and again I'll run some ads on Subeta and I haven't run an ad on Facebook in a long time. I'm wanting to see where to advertise to get the most people coming to my blog.

Turns out that Facebook (specifically a few of the groups I frequent) is the place most people heard about me first.
Which of my Written Series People Have Read

While people won't come out and ask when the next chapter of fanfic is coming out, not usually, I still know people are more interested in some works over others. I would love if everyone read everything I did, but I know that's not the case. So I'd like to know how guilty to feel if it takes a long time to get another part/chapter out.

The one series of fics everyone has read are my Flight Rising dragon journals. While people read some of the others, my Flight Rising dragon journals is something everyone seems to read.
Which of my Vlog Series Have People Watched

This one is more about where I should put my effort than anything else. Since I don't release vlogs all that often anymore I want to know which ones I should focus on releasing. This doesn't mean I will stop the vlog series that aren't viewed that much, just I won't devout too much time on them.

Jash Reads (my dramatic reading series) and The Final Destination Review tied for first place. This makes me a little sad that I am releasing both so slowly.
Which of my Podcasts Have People Watched

My podcasts are actually hard to put together especially when I have to work with other people. When collaborating with people you have to line up everyone's schedules as well as make sure things don't get too far off topic. You also have to make sure that each person gets enough talking time so no one person overshadows another. It is a huge labor of love. So I wanted to see which ones people truly cared about.

The highest ranked one was Jash Talks/Jash Talks Special with Jash Talks Quickies, With Extra Happy, and Zone 91 getting no votes. I am not surprised with Jash Talks Quickies not getting attention as there has only been one episode released so far. I am surprised that With Extra Happy didn't get any votes.
Anything Else

I left an option so that people could say anything that the survey didn't cover. So if they had an opinion they could state it.

One person told me that they think the survey works while another talked about bacon. I REALLY wonder who made the bacon comment.

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