Sunday, June 19, 2016

Kojima's Next Game Giveaway (Jash's Dragon Army)

Update: This giveaway is over. I want to thank everyone who participated here. If you can't wait until next giveaway you can go to the Dragon Cave Forums where people will trade and give away eggs.

If you would like to learn more about my dragon army you can go HERE. It is constantly evolving and I would love your input on how it is progressing so far.

While the giveaway is over, feel free to discuss Death Stranding and Kojima. Oh, if you want to buy the game and help support this blog, merely buy the game via the ad on the bottom of this post.

At this year's E3, Kojima's next game was revealed. I was excited to see another game come out from him after everything that went down after Silent Hills was cancelled. I was also more than a little excited to see Norman Reedus joining Kojima again.

A big question that was asked after the trailer for Death Stranding was released was what did it mean. The trailer doesn't exactly give a coherent summary of the upcoming game. Instead it is just confusing and I've watched it a few times as well as looked up theories.

There is a theory that the trailer is Kojima's feelings towards his former employers as well as saying that he's not going to work on another Metal Gear Solid game (for the latter people point to the dead whales).

Other popular theories include thinking that the game will tie into quantum theory, that Reedus' character is stranded somewhere, and that the scars on his belly are from his baby being cut out of him. I've also heard people using the William Blake poem in the beginning of the trailer to theorize an apocalyptic setting. Also, of course, is the fact that the title of the game is most likely a play on Cetacean stranding which is a real world phenomena.

I've listened to the lyrics of the song used in the trailer and that may point towards the game's plot. The lyrics include "buried underground" which makes me think of an organization. The lyrics also include "lost and never found" which makes me think that Reedus' character was on a mission and something went wrong leaving him lost.

I'm horrible with theorizing so I'm probably way off.

Figuring my blog readers should get something that I can actually give away.

If you don't already have a Dragon Cave account, you can sign up for one if raising dragons interests you. If you already have an account, pick an egg at will. If you don't have an account and don't want one, please share this with a friend that does.

Here are the eggs this time around:
Black Tea  (Info and Lineage)

Hooktalon (Info and Lineage)

Copper (Info and Lineage) (Congrats!)

Magi (Info and Lineage) (Congrats!)

Ochredrake (Info and Lineage)

Frilled (Info and Lineage) (Congrats!)

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