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Shipping Confessions: Poe Dameron/Finn (Star Wars)

The Star Wars prequels lowered everyone's expectations of what the series could offer. After the prequels George Lucas seems like a much less impressive name than before. No one can take away his past accomplishments but they can doubt how good he is now.

Luckily The Force Awakens woke the Star Wars name up to something great. People can say that The Force Awakens is a copy of A New Hope, but it would be hard to deny the new film being a breath of fresh air from the prequels.

I don't hate the prequels, but they were leagues below the Original Trilogy.

So today I will talk about the love between Poe Dameron and Finn. This non-canon ship was very easy for me to let join my armada.
Finn, or FN-2187, was trained as a stormtrooper since before he can remember. He was raised to obey and have no real free will of his own. His life was extremely structured until he was involved in his first fight which was more of a massacre than anything else.

When he decided to escape he knew he would need a pilot. Luckily Poe Dameron had just been captured and was more than happy to leave. Once the fighter they escaped in had been shot down, Finn thought that Poe was dead and so left the wreckage.

Finn quickly ran into both Rey and BB-8 which lead to the events of him leaving Jakku behind. It was a little bit of an inner struggle for him, but he finally decided to side with the Rebellion and fought. His actions on Starkiller base helped destroy the megaweapon of the First Order. As of the end of The Force Awakens, he is alive but injured.
Poe Dameron is the best pilot in the galaxy and was trusted to find the map to where Luke Skywalker has been hiding all these years. Poe tends to be extremely sarcastic even in the face of torture by Kylo Ren. He also has a good friendship with BB-8, his droid, to the point that the droid becomes somewhat violent to Finn because the former stormtrooper is wearing his master's jacket.

When Finn said he wanted to help Poe escape, the pilot knew it was only because of convenience. When both met each other on the hidden Rebellion base, it was Poe who helped get Finn's voice heard by Leia Organa Solo.

Poe later helped in the destruction of Starkiller base.

I don't remember anything in The Force Awakens addressing Poe's genealogy.
It was Poe Dameron who gave Finn his name. No way was the pilot going to keep calling the guy FN-2187. When Poe and Finn met back up, the pilot gave the okay for Finn to keep his jacket. Saying something along the lines of "it looks good on you". During this scene he also bit his lip like he was really checking Finn out.

They work good together and why wouldn't they as Poe was the first real person Finn talked to. The first person who looked beyond his uniform and actually gave him a name. While Finn still has a lot to learn about the galaxy as a whole, Poe will be the sarcastic asshole there to guide him along the way.

So what do I think about the whole 'Star Wars needs LGBTQ+ characters'? While I adore Poe and Finn as a couple, hence I made this post, I don't mind if they're not canon. I don't mind if some other characters turn out to be part of the community. At the end of the day these two have a great friendship and that's what matters.

What will I talk about next Shipping Confessions? I sing a song about ice and fire focusing on the dragon queen and a man suffering from greyscale.
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