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Peaceful Ninja (Jash's Dragon Army)

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Name: Peaceful Ninja

Breed: White Dragon

Clan: Hounds of the Wastelands

Position: Healer Hound

Sex: Female

Gender: Woman

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Romantic Orientation: Heteroromantic

Mate(s): N/A

Fics: N/A

Forms: N/A

Theme Song: See Who I Am by Within Temptation


It was a chilly autumn day as the weather started to cool down for the year. Leaves were changing colors and Jashypoo was admiring the view that she saw. She had recently become consumed by a need to find out about White Dragons as their healing abilities astounded her. A few had become her friends and she had learned some healing arts from them.

As the weather cooled and the leaves changed colors, the strange human had decided to try and raise a few of her own. Pulling her cloak close to her body she continued walking to find an abandoned egg or a dragon willing to trust her with one. It had been a few weeks without any luck, but she was not one to give up.

Finally, after it seemed Jashypoo would never find her goal, she saw an abandoned White egg. She looked around to make sure that there was no dragon looking over it before racing to pick it up. The pristine color of the egg sparkled in the faint moonlight and a smile formed on the human's face. There had been a great disease here recently and yet this egg stood strong.

The strange human stopped in a village to rest before moving on. She was highly suspicious of anyone who looked too long at the egg, the disease hadn't seemed natural and she suspected someone in the village had caused it. If only someone could have told her.

A few months later and Jashypoo was in a cave that she was calling home for the moment. She took great care of the egg and studied every facet of the hatchling breaking through the shell. While the human was excited, the dragon seemed much too weak to show any emotion. Panic entered her heart as she worried that the disease let the egg survive but wouldn't allow the hatchling to continue on.

It took many months, but finally the hatchling gained its health. After it was healed it was extremely active and kept Jashypoo up for weeks at a time. While the human would act like she was angry, she was far from that emotion. Instead she was glad that the hatchling had recovered so well.

At the same time the hatchling was playing, the human was researching what disease had affected the hatchling. Through many hours of study, sometimes bringing the White on travels with her, she found out that the sickness was not of Valkemare. This disturbed her and she thought that it was just something that the people of this world hadn't yet figured out.

The hatchling saw that Jashypoo was disturbed and attempted to comfort her. The human's attempt at seeming happy didn't fool the dragon and it wondered what it could do. It didn't fully understand about diseases nor about things outside the world it had been born in. As it came close to maturing, it spent a good majority of its time helping the human.

When the hatchling finally matured it was revealed to be a female. One of Jashypoo's other dragons that was traveling with her at the time decided on the name: Peaceful Ninja.

Peaceful was excited for the name and agreed to it as she found it funny. She soon started to embody her name with the fierceness that she tackled problems. While she wasn't a fighter, like the majority of her breed, the way she combated injuries was comparable to any warrior. The more she learned about the world the more she felt confined by Jashypoo's presence.

The human wanted to keep Peaceful, but she realized that would never last forever. So the woman spent one more day with her dragon and in the evening the White left. With her wings she flew away but not before circling around the human one least time.

For many years Peaceful Ninja traveled the world to learn even more about the healing arts. For a short time, a few weeks at most, she traveled with a group of old White Dragons. She was more than a little exited about how much they knew. She kept a mental record of everything they had learned over the millennia. Peaceful learned about distant wars and legends that had all faded with time.

After the White Dragons, Peaceful traveled with a Heartseeker Dragon who had failed pairing up five pairs in a row. With her help he managed to finally make a successful pairing. It was with this dragon that the White learned about love and the importance of it. As her friend spoke of it, it was as if love was just as important to most like healing was to her. They parted ways when the Heartseeker started to find love of his own and the White felt like she was intruding.

It took some time but finally Peaceful noticed that she hadn't turned into an adult yet. She searched up all the information she could and found this to be an oddity. She shivered in the summer sun and worried about what this meant for her. A few days before this revelation, she had started to dream of having children of her own.

In a panicked state she returned to Jashypoo. She asked the human all that she knew about her birth. While Peaceful had learned some, she had never thought to investigate too heavily on the disease. Back when she had first learned about it she had thought that it was something of the past. A thing to be amazed by but not to obsess over. Not like the human had. Now things had changed.

Jashypoo was hard at work on raising more dragons and so couldn't personally travel with Peaceful. That didn't mean the human would abandon the dragon, though. The White left with scrolls and coins in a bag that would fit anything. It had been magically messed with to allow anything to fit in it. Upon leaving her mother again, she started to track down the disease in earnest.

It had been good that the human had been invested in the disease as it gave Peaceful a good starting point. The dragon found herself putting pieces together that the human hadn't thought to and exploring places that the human couldn't. Over the course of five years she found out that she would never grow into adulthood.

As the snow started to fall over the land, Peaceful grew content with her lot in life. She would never get to be a mother and so she would take the entire world as her children. She would heal all the ills of the world so that her life would mean something. After deciding this she ran into an ailing Cassare Dragon.

The dragon was infamous enough that Peaceful knew who she was quickly. The White healed the vengeful Not For Your Shield. The other dragon was so impressed that she offered Peaceful a position in a new clan. For hours Shield talked about the Hounds of the Wastelands and its importance to Jashypoo.

Peaceful agreed to become a healer in the clan as it was a way for her to fulfill her purpose. As she would be alone most of the time she would be better able to focus on healing the world rather than any one group of dragons. True she would be focusing on Jashypoo's dragon, but she figured she would have enough time to be able to work beyond that group.

Nowadays Peaceful Ninja is regarded as a great scholar among White Dragons. While her loyalty is to her clan, all dragons feel comfortable coming to her for their ills to be treated.

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