Thursday, December 8, 2016

Into the Darkness 5

I don't know how long I had been in this place, a place no legends spoke of. Only darkness consumed it and there was no hope for light. It wasn't complete dark, but the places that weren't pitch black were shadow. This place of demons had creatures that I didn't know how to tell any dragon about. That is if I managed to get back.

Right now I was using all the maneuvers I could think of to dodge strange avian creatures. Their bodies were shaped like a hawk's but had the texture of an insect's. The colors were faded as if they had be born of the evil of this place.

Pulling my wings tightly against me, I flipped over so that my feet cut into one of their stomachs. The creature roared and I spread my wings so that I avoided its blooded. Even falling through the air the blood made the sound of acid hitting flesh. It was as if the acidic blood aimed to destroy life itself.

I looked back to see the creature spill its blood on its companion as it tried to escape the pain. This distracted a majority of the swarm but still there were others that had kept their senses. They roared and they sounded like dying harpies.

For awhile I continued to fight and look for my chance to flee. For lifetimes, at least it seemed to me, I fought and avoided these monstrosities. I managed to tear one's wings off and they came off more than easily in my maw. It was as if it were made out of grass.

"Ah!" I hissed as some of the acidic blood came onto my face.

Seeing a black cloud I flew into it. I hoped that I would be able to lose my attackers once I had gone in. That was if the black cloud wouldn't kill me as everything in this place seemed want to do. Praying to the Shadowbinder, I entered and felt as if the cloud was going into every part of me. But it didn't kill me and that was what mattered.

Once I exited the cloud I didn't see any of my attackers. I breathed a sigh of relief.

For a few minutes I was just happy that I had survived. It hadn't been the only attack made against me and there would be more. I had to relax in the brief periods I could. As my pulse went back down I realized I was hungry.

On the continent I would know what to eat but in this strange place I didn't know what was edible. I didn't know how or where to get food. Keeping an eye out on any potential predators, I started looking for my next meal.
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Wirting Shop

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