Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Pokemon Journals Results (Survey)

Are you wondering about the results of the survey found HERE? Even if you aren't I will still be making this post to go over the results and what I feel about them. Before I begin I want to thank the forty-five brave souls that took this survey and, in doing so, helped me to understand my fanbase a little bit more.
Age Range

I wanted to know the ages of the people so I understand the results better. Plus it just seems to be a common question on surveys and the like.

The most common age range was between 19 and 30 with no one over 50.

Again really just because this is a common question to ask on surveys and the like. I have male, female, and other as options. Other is just because of everything that falls under the transgender umbrella.

Long story short: females just pummeled this part.
Pokemon Go Players

Now...playing Pokemon Go is hard for me. I would adore going once or twice a week on adventures but things prevent me on doing so. One thing is the weather which has stopped me in the past. The other thing is the other blog work (and writing commissions) can't come to a stand still which happens when I go on Pokemon Go adventures. Also the whole going to visit revrezner throws all blog work off its schedule. So I wanted to make sure that going through hell to get an adventure done is worth it.
Most people taking this survey said try to start getting adventures done on the weekend.
Pokemon Go Team

For those that did Pokemon Go I was curious about which team was the most popular. I thought that maybe the answer would surprise me.

While Team Mystic won...they did so barely as they had 16 votes and Team Instinct had 15 votes. Really thought Instinct was going to win as I was watching the results for this survey come in.
Pokemon Games

I gave people the choice of Pokemon Go, White Version 2, HeartGold, and none. I figured that whichever one got the highest votes would be the one I should focus on.

Yep, Pokemon Go won again. The second most popular one was HeartGold.
Pokemon Journals

Here is the question of how little people pay attention to me. I am proud of my fanbase but I have to admit that it is small. I'm not exactly swimming in cash because of my blog. Nor am I swimming in tons of fanboys and fangirls.

So...most people don't read my Pokemon Journals at all.

39 of the survey takers didn't read any of my journals while 7 read my Pokemon Go Journal.

Another reminder that I really need to play Pokemon Go a lot more.
Anything Else

At the end of the survey I allowed people a place to write in anything they so chose. I'm going to pick a few that I liked above all else and/or I can reply to them.

I wish I could play every day. Damn you responsibilities and the weather!

You seem nice c:  
Aw...thank you!

I am...honestly in confusion over this one...don't know what it means...

Never seen any of the journals. Been busy. I'd also like to point out the only reason I had to mark none on what Pokemon Games I have played is because I played the REAL Pokemon games back when the 150 were legends and they didn't have any of that other 700 bullsh**. Oh, also would like to point out there is still no bacon. Bit sad about that.. 
Marty, I'll add some bacon!
Happy now?!

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