Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Quick Westworld Theory: Charlotte Hale is Actually Maeve

I am attempting to get this out before the Season 1 Finale of Westworld so I'm having to make this much shorter than I'd want to. I really want to delve into this theory and yet can't fully do that here because then this won't be released until after the finale. And after that it might be proven wrong so what would be the point of talking about it?

So if it's proven right in the finale, or not entirely dismissed, I'll make a longer post about it. If it's shown to be false I won't bother.
The Timelines

The thing you'll need to be familiar with before continuing to read is the multiple timelines theory. This basically states that the show we're seeing occurs across multiple points in time and that we're not being shown everything in order.

Basically think of it like Memento or Pulp Fiction in that sense.
There is a fair amount of certainty that the Man in Black's (MiB) storyline takes place after William and Logan's time at the park.

We know that Dolores has interacted with both William and MiB but she is confused when she actually is. She keeps seeing things from previous loops so it's hard to pinpoint when her present is.

Maeve is someone whose timeline isn't known though it's a fair guess to say that it takes place after William and Logan's. In this theory I'll be assuming that it extends to the point in time where Delos is seeking to steal from the park and dethrone Ford. I'll also be assuming that, like with Dolores, Maeve is experiencing multiple points in time at once which would distort what we see as 'real'.
The Westworld Sequels

Out of the Westworld films I've only seen the original one twice. I've recently discovered Futureworld as well as a short lived tv series but haven't had time or been able to view them yet. So there's something to look forward to in my future!
All I know about Futureworld is that robots are replacing humans. This is being done by cloning guests and then replacing them with robot versions of themselves. A video about a possible connection to the sequel is what truly sparked me into writing down my theory about Charlotte Hale actually being Maeve.

So why would someone suspect a connection between Futureworld and the new Westworld show?
Some really astute nerds looked up canon information about the RULES OF GOING TO WESTWORLD.

The thing that really stands out and points to a connection to Futureworld is this part:
By entering the Delos Destinations Port of Entry, you acknowledge that Delos, Inc. controls the rights to and remains the sole owner of, in perpetuity: all skin cells, bodily fluids, secretions, excretions, hair samples, saliva, sweat, blood, and any other bodily functions not listed here. Delos, Inc. reserves the right to use this property in any way, shape, or form in which the entity sees fit.

Why would they state that if not to indicate cloning? Could it be that Maeve has expanded her goal of escaping to freeing all or some of the Hosts? Is this a ploy to create a huge army for herself?
How Charlotte and Maeve are Similar

Charlotte and Maeve are hardly opposites of each other. When dealing with a theory like this you can't look at what currently is but see what could happen in the future. It's the same reason the theory of William being the MiB can't be dismissed because he was a really good guy at first. In episode 9 of the first season of Westworld this 'nice guy' murdered a lot of Hosts which shows character development for better or worse.
Maeve and Charlotte both use their sexuality to their advantage. Maeve uses her sexuality since she had run a brothel before and needed to attract customers that way. Charlotte is a more refined version of that such as when we first meet her she's allowing Sizemore to hit on her. She knows that the way to control him is to seem to put herself out there for him.
Both Maeve and Charlotte are excellent manipulators. They are able to see the weaknesses in people and use them for their benefit. There's a certain cold and calculating way to them that makes them both deadly. You can feel danger radiating off of them even when they're just standing still.
Both Maeve and Charlotte don't like Ford and/or have reasons to not like him. For Maeve it is clear why she wouldn't like Ford: he created her to be used and is trapping her. She doesn't want to be caged and dearly wants to be free.

If Maeve and Charlotte are the same person it would explain why Charlotte loathes the man so much: she is finally free and will bring him down. She will have her revenge.
Finally, when Charlotte has a small meeting with Theresa the powerful woman was 'having intimate relations' with Hector. She is powerful if she can just request a certain Host to her room but why Hector?

It makes more sense that she is Maeve and is using her power to continue her relationship with the man she loves. So I'm taking that small scene as proof for this theory.
Maeve's Evolution into Charlotte

Now what I mentioned previously was how Charlotte and Maeve are similar but there are probably a few of you thinking that isn't enough. Nor is me simply saying that characters evolve enough. Some of you want to at least see a rough outline of how Maeve could become exactly like Charlotte.

Currently Maeve says her plan is to get an army and to leave Westworld. This seems noble especially since we're seeing events with her as the hero. She might be dark but she's presented in such a way that her actions appear more than justified. So how could she possibly become the scheming Charlotte?

Well...Maeve has already shown hints that she will become a more evil character.
As  a small bit of evidence consider what she does when she first uses her powers over her fellow Hosts. She has a pair of them shoot each other. While she might claim to value Hosts as real, unlike humans, she is perfectly fine with injuring a few if she feels like it.

Maeve had no reason to give that order and yet she did. This seems to indicate she could go further down the evil side.
Also when Maeve used her powers for the first time she enjoyed them way too much. She was justified in enjoying them as she had been a slave all her life made to think that her reality was real. She was made to go in endless loops for the enjoyment of others and had no actual freedom for herself. So when she was able to do something, really affect the world around her, of course she would be excited about that.

However, her enjoyment of the moment seemed to indicate she could go power hungry if given enough time. She feels so powerful that maybe that love of power could turn her into something like Ford: someone believing what they're doing is good, but they really just like playing God.

If this theory is proven true I will go more in depth about this theory. For now, I just needed to get this out before the finale.