Thursday, October 13, 2016

Into the Darkness 4

The fear in me was almost too great to bear and I wondered, again, why Vergere had chosen me to be a Yun-Harla. I was sure her and Gabar would have handled this situation more calmly. My reaction was to fly around for hours until I was finally able to calm down.

I was more than certain that I would never again see the dragons I knew as both my clan and family. I would never hear Rachel criticize me and I would never be worried about Crayak's antics. For better or worse I would never go home.

Once I was able to calm myself, I tried looking at the stars. Even though I had flown a good distance away from where I had woken up, I trusted in the stars to find my way home again. I went over the star charts I had memorized, but something was off.

The thing off was that the stars were in different locations than I was used to and I didn't recognize any of the constellations. There was something about seeing strange stars that sent shivers down my spine. For a few minutes I considered diving down and ending all the worry.

But then I thought of how Rachel would talk about me committing suicide if she knew. She would say that she always knew I wasn't worthy of being a Yun-Harla. And, for better or worse, there was a part of me that wanted to please her. A part of me that I sometimes denied, but was there nonetheless. That part of me made me start to think clearly.

With my Yun-Harla training I reached out to the deities. I reached first for the Shadowbinder but couldn't feel her at all. I strained my mind to its breaking point before stopping. I didn't want to believe I was too far away from her, but I was. It was after that failure that I tried to feel for the other deities with the same lack of success.

I yelled out into the sky that was dark and twisted. The darkness didn't seem to lift even for a second, though something akin to sunlight broke through the clouds at times. The 'sunlight' tended to be a shade of black, grey, or green.

The only thing I could do was fly. So I did.
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