Thursday, October 13, 2016

My Mate Bought Cats (AlexanderIsaacs' Journal)

My job in the clan was to work on biotechnology as that had been something I was good at in my previous clan. While bioweapons wasn't my primary concern, I did enjoy working on them. It was something about messing with life to create something greater that excited me, whether that was achieved through a peaceful discovery or a dangerous weapon.

Today Crayak and myself were working on improving the fart bomb he had been experimenting on for awhile. Miasma was infamous for her farts and it wasn't much of a stretch to think about creating a weapon from them. Both of us were wearing masks in case the tiniest amount of gas escaped from its enclosure.

Making this delicate procedure harder was the cat that Scourge had given me. It was almost as if I stopped paying attention to it for a second that it would do anything to get attention. I let out another sigh as the cat got in the way yet again.

Scourge, my mate, would spend months at a time away from the clan as she couldn't stay in one place for a long time. Her upbringing made that something that would never change, for better or worse. So I could either join her on her adventures or stay in the safety that the clan offered. I was no fighter so I tended to let my mate be until she would return yet again.

This time she had returned bearing cats. No one could figure out how she got them and rumors had started to form. Rumors of stealing from a fellow Shadow Clan to making a trade with a Beast Clan. There were so many variations of each rumor that I had given up trying to figure out the truth. I had tried to ask her how she had got them, but she was much too excited in getting me a gift to tell me.

Maybe one day she will reveal the mystery of the cats to me or maybe not. For now I had to focus on making sure the fart bomb progressed smoothly.

Both myself and Crayak breathed a sigh of relief when the procedure was finished. Since it had taken some time to get to this point, we decided to break for the day. I went to take care of my cat and the Coatl went somewhere that hopefully wouldn't land him in any trouble.

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