Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Travels of Artictress: Jash of the Unova Region Entry #5 (White Version 2)

Entry #5: A More Rigorous Gym Training Routine

While the way I trained for gyms has worked fine so far, I decided to increase how hard I trained. Becoming a great Pokemon master should mean I test my limits in every fashion. Knowing this I decided to train all my battle Pokemon at the same time instead of just the ones I would use to defeat a particular gym. I have many powerful Pokemon and it's wrong of me not to use them and so make them feel abandoned.

Of course I extend this thought to all of my Pokemon and not just the strong ones.

Besides it being better to keep all my battle Pokemon around the same level, it was also fun to see some of the Pokemon I haven't seen in awhile. It was great working with Homer (Arcanine) and Rach (Unfezant) again.

I admit that it is frustrating how long this way is as I could've defeated a gym or two in the time I've been training them. Any time I doubt this new routine, I look at my Pokemon and see how happy they are. They love battling and, above that, traveling with me around the Unova Region. Rach is more than happy to be back to fly me so that I don't have to walk so much.

My minor break at Pokestar Studios allowed me to connect to my fans. For the first few days I was there I didn't do anything as I wanted to rest before filming a movie or two. While resting I had a few 'biggest fans' come up to me and give me things to sign. I signed hats and t-shirts mainly. Each time they talked about me I couldn't recognize who they were talking about.

It was almost as if I were some godly figure that didn't need to worry about the things mere mortals did. As I'm now approaching eighteen years of age, how time does fly, some were eager to know about my dating life. As if I could manage a real love life between Pokemon training and filming!

The 'biggest fans' can get more than annoying. But that's not as bad as things can get. Some people think they're meant to be with a certain actor or actress. From what I've heard from my fellow actors, things can get pretty crazy really fast. I would like people to have a crush on me, but I wouldn't like them to actually think they have a chance with me. I'm sure as not going to start dating some obsessed fan.

I might be taking a little trip back home as I haven't visited mom in awhile. For someone who just kicked me out of the house to go be a Pokemon trainer, she can worry a lot for my safety. Hey, mom, next time think before you send me on a lifelong quest.

I'm not complaining about being a Pokemon trainer, but it is a little hypocritical for her to miss me so much when she didn't mind kicking me out of the house to begin with.

Anyways...I'm thinking of buying her some flowers since it is spring. I don't know what kind to get her so I'll ask some people I know. Maybe she can visit Pokemon Studios before I head off again so she can see the filming process in person.

My current team is Fire Blood (Flareon), Homer (Arcanine), Alec (Braviary), Rin (Virizion), Rach (Unfezant), and Glenn (Vaporeon).
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