Sunday, May 29, 2016

Daenerys (Table of Contents)

I am Daenerys and I am a diplomat in Seitou's clan. I am of the Shadow Flight and serve the Shadowbinder.

I was born to rule. I was born to be a queen. Being born after a civil war took place made it much harder to claim my rightful place as ruler. But I knew it could be done as royal blood flowed through my veins. When the possibility of me being queen was much more than a dream, I took Jorah on as one of my advisors. I found him to be a wealth of facts and he helped me become a better ruler. I admit I liked being around Jorah for much more than his role as advisor, though I didn't admit it at that time. Finally the throne was mine and people were happy. I was admired for my moral strength, judgement, and the fact that nothing seemed to ever stand in my way. My ascension to the throne was full of sorrows as I found out Jorah had been spying on me for another clan. While I made my exile and dismissal of him seem like it was all because he couldn't be trusted, that was all a lie. I was just ashamed at myself as I had been fooled by him. How I wish I didn't dismiss him now. It was beyond painful to keep exiling him when he kept coming back as part of me longed for him. As my heart was hurt, I also had to deal with an uprising. Both were too much to manage but I did the best I could anyways. I was a queen by birth and I wouldn't let that be taken from me. But eventually I had to leave or else I would die. Jorah, even through my constant exiling of him, had returned to me at my darkest hour. I admitted my feelings for him and the fact that I didn't want to rule anymore. I felt like a failure after the mistakes I had made.

Below are my journal entries:

A Queen Without a Kingdom

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