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Not For Your Shield (Jash's Dragon Army)

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Name: Not For Your Shield

Breed: Cassare Dragon

Clan: Hounds of the Wastelands

Position: Messenger

Sex: Female

Gender: Woman

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Romantic Orientation: Biromantic

Mate(s): N/A

Fics: N/A

Forms: N/A

Theme Song: Stood Up by A Fine Frenzy


Cassare Dragons are sought after so fiercely due to their magic cancelling abilities. The breed tends to be killed so that humans can use the bone and scales of a Cassare in use against magic users. Jashypoo was following a group of these hunters as she planned to rescue a Cassare or two.

Maybe one of them would be a perfect member for the army she was building, maybe not. She would at least have to try.

Two months into the hunt and Jashypoo was finally able to find a weakness in the hunters. Brutally injuring four of her party members, she was able to warn the Cassare Dragons of their impending danger. In thanks, one of the Cassares gave Jashypoo an egg.

They parted ways never to speak again.

The human kept the egg and made it so that it would be temporarily unable to hatch. Her destination would be a few months away and she couldn't afford dealing with a hatchling at that time. Putting any type of spell on a Cassare egg is hard and easy to do wrong.

So Jashypoo had to watch constantly for any sign of the egg hatching. Luckily she arrived at her destination with no problems. Upon arriving to her small cottage, she set up an area for the egg and immediately undid the spell.

Just before Spring, the Cassare egg hatched.

The day of the egg's hatching, Jashypoo had been making a large meal as some of her dragons were to visit her. Many different types were coming so a variety of smells greeted the Cassare upon its entrance into the world.

As the guests arrived, Jashypoo was forced to deal with the curious new hatchling as well as her guests of various sizes. The majority of her guests adored the new hatchling with a few even standing guard over it.

As the Cassare was nearing adolescence it asked about its parents. It had figured out that the human was not its mother and wanted to know the truth. Jashypoo answered all the hatchling's questions until it was finally satisfied. As it fell asleep that night, it began to dream of revenge for its fellow Cassares.

Just because it was now safe didn't mean it should let her fellow breed down.

The day the Cassare grew her wings and matured into adolescence her and Jashypoo were looking for her parents. The human tried to hide a horrible sight from the Cassare. Upon questioning the human finally revealed the corpses were most likely the Cassare's parents.

Screaming and yelling, her new wings unfolded and she asked to name herself. Although this was unusual, the human allowed it. The Cassare named herself Not For Your Shield. She named herself this so she would be constantly reminded of the horrible things that humans would do to her breed.

She vowed vengeance that day and Jashypoo shivered at the coldness of the threat.

The time finally came when Shield could no longer stay at Jashypoo's house. The Cassare dragon was becoming too active and, besides, her lust for revenge was growing too great. The human tried to reign the Cassare in and warn her of the dangers of revenge.

But Shield would have none of that. With a quick good-bye, she flew away with a mission. A mission that she considered the most important that had ever happened.

The first year on her own was a trying time for Shield. While she had been taught to hunt, she had thought that the act would be easy. She knew what she was doing and prey would have no chance against her.

Her first prey easily avoided her and she grew angry. After having a small fit, she was able to catch something. It wasn't what she had wanted, but at least she wouldn't be going to sleep hungry. Quickly learning how to hunt better, she didn't have that problem again.

Well, prey escaped her at a lesser rate.

Not For Your Shield spent many years looking for those who had murdered her parents. She thought about going back to Jashypoo for confirmation, but she considered this her mission and asking her adoptive mother for help would make the mission so much less than it could be.

It was by chance that she helped a relative of one of her parents' murderers. Shield felt guilty when asking the young man for information and then promising not to harm his father. But the call to vengeance was her entire being now and she couldn't risk feeling any pity for those who would hamper her sacred mission.

She waited until the man was walking back drunk from a bar before making her move. There was collateral damage and she tried to say that it wasn't that bad. That it was necessary to honor her parents.

For many years she hunted down all the murders of her parents she could find. As her vengeance became overpowering, she began tracking down all those who hunted Cassares. She made sure that none escape her wrath.

In doing so, though, she started to lose who she was. She was becoming merely a shell of herself.

Realizing the damnation she was reigning down on herself, she put down some rules so that she could save the parts of herself that still remained. She still tracked down Cassare murderers, but now she sometimes let them go if they hadn't slaughtered many of her breed.

It was during this time that she ran into Queen Xenomorph.

Not For Your Shield had heard the legends of Queen. But she did not speak of them as she was trying to become a better dragon herself. The duo soon became very close and Shield felt honored to be one of Queen's few friends.

Shield was more than ready to help Queen with her tasks. Tasks that were all about creating a better world in nearly the same way as Shield liked: destruction.

One day they were taking a break when Rachel Crayak visited them. Shield was nervous, though she didn't show it, but quickly became excited when a discussion of a new clan was being made. After Shield asked to be messenger, Queen reluctantly agreed to be Second in Command of the Hounds of the Wastelands.

After the ceremony for the creation of the new clan, Shield immediately began thinking of how best to be a messenger. She would, of course, have to be a little more diplomatic.

Nowadays Shield spends her time between serving as messenger, brushing up on her diplomacy skills, and taking care of Queen. It seems that Shield and Rachel are getting along better now, though there is still some tension.

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