Sunday, May 29, 2016

Scourge (Table of Contents)

I am Scourge and I am a teacher in Seitou's clan. I am of the Shadow Flight and serve the Shadowbinder.

I was born into a family like most dragons are. My family was royalty and wanted only one of their children to become the next ruler with no chance that there would be any competition. This led to the attempted murder of myself and my unhatched siblings. By a miracle from the Plaguebringer herself, I survived. Proving herself to be a great deity, I was born off of the continent to test my strength. My egg had already begun hatching but how I view it, and how I tell it, I was born off the continent. I lived the majority of my early life off the continent with no way to tell what I was or to find a use for a name, I still don't find a use for names. When I finally reached the continent where I should've lived all my life, I was a strange force unlike anything encountered before. It was as if I was a creature of the Shade for my upbringing had prepared me for a much different world. Beast clans and dragons all called me Scourge for my judgement could be very harsh. My mind changed when I encountered a strange disease where the final part of it left me a voice inside my own head. Because of some friendly dragons I was able to overcome this. I decided, then, to live like a dragon and sought after some test that would prove my sanity to me. I found another Wildclaw that was suffering from the same disease I had recently recovered from. Jorah became my symbol that I could change from what I was. For years I left him alone, I hoped he did manage to earn Daenerys' forgiveness, and became more social in the world. I finally decided that my devotion to him, that has recently changed to love, hadn't been as great as it could've. Seeing that he joined Seitou's clan, I followed. Finding him with his mate Daenerys, I extended my devotion to her too. While I did try and stay for a long time, I had to keep going every now and again as it's not in my nature to stay in one place for more than a few months at a time.

Below are my journal entries:

Love of a Shade

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