Friday, May 20, 2016

The Girl Who Would be Queen (Birb's Journal)

I envy those that have a fully functional body just as I loathe those that aren't disabled but do nothing. I am currently wheezing under MaryGraham's loving care. I snap and don't act kind, but I do adore the work that she does.

I just worry that any show of kindness will make others think I'm weak. With my poor health conditions I can't afford any show of weakness. Any show of how they can kill me or worse. For death, as Chloe and SarahConnor can tell you, is not the worst that can happen to a dragon.

Selene, the Skydancer that I would follow to the ends of Sornieth for, had sent me on a very tiring scouting mission. It would be simple and quick for an able bodied dragon, but for me it took a lot more work to accomplish. It took me much longer than it should've, but I had gotten all the information that was needed.

Now, lying by myself, I could think about the former dragon queen that had come into the clan.

There had recently been two new dragons added to the clan. Two new dragons that still hadn't been assigned a place by Seitou. One of the two was Daenerys.

The Imperial was a grand dragoness who exuded a royal air. I couldn't see her, but her presence was overpowering whenever she was around. Whenever she was near. This didn't surprise me as in her former clan she had been a queen.

A queen, whatever the judge of nobility of the culture was, had to always show people that she was not to be messed with. Sometimes, like the case of Daenerys, there was a great sense that she actually cared about those she ruled.

I hadn't questioned why a queen was now without subjects as that didn't concern me. What concerned me was the position she would take. It was hard for those that had once had enough power to make men bow to their knees to become servants.

Whenever I had the misfortune to talk to her she had an arrogance to her voice that didn't fit with a servant like position in the clan. If she became an ambassador she could use that sureness that annoyed me to help make deals with other clans.

Though I doubted the slow and peaceful way would truly suit her.

I do wish the best for her in the clan and hope she stays for many years to come. I admit this isn't fully about her as Jorah, her mate and the other dragon that arrived alongside her, is one of the wisest fighters I have ever known.

Besides being a great fighter, he is also full of knowledge about the world we live in. I know he will be a great asset to the clan.

But if Daenerys leaves the clan he will follow as he is fully loyal to those he gives his heart to.

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