Monday, May 23, 2016

Travels of Artictress: Jash of the Unova Region Entry #3 (White Version 2)

Entry #3: From Hail to Rain

Before I was complaining about Mistralton City having too much hail. I'm glad to say that with the arrival of Spring that is no longer a problem. No longer am I harassed by endless amounts of hail. For that I guess I should be grateful.

And I would be grateful if it weren't for the endless amounts of rain now. Glenn is beyond happy at the change of weather and is one of the reasons I'm staying in the area. Only in Mistralton City until the end of Summer with a few exceptions.

He is a great Pokemon, but he knows that sometimes I need a change of scenery. Sometimes I need to see more than the same cabin, people, and place for weeks on end.

Besides, there is a battler that seems to wait for me to walk by. Unless I am more than a little sneaky, he will ask to battle me. After he battles me he'll say he had a great time and can't wait to battle me again. This is a little creepy now and I think I do have my own stalker.

Cassie, who is turning out to be a little diva at times, seems to make it her mission to make me run into this battler. She's the one that tends to be in her Poke Ball whenever I have the feeling he's nearby. Sometimes I'm wrong, though.

I haven't stayed in Mistralton City all this time. I've been down near Driftveil City to battle in the PWT. I find it extremely useful to battle other trainers in a comfortable environment. Much better than battling in hail or rain or having to watch out for a stalker.

Plus I might get to see Bianca. When I lost against her the one time I was able to battle her I wasn't mad. With other trainers I am more than a little embarrassed when I lose. I tend to walk away with an angry expression on my face. Sometimes I am able to manage to get my face to be stoic, but not usually.

Really need to practice on that.

With Bianca, though, I am just happy that I could battle with her. Maybe it's just that she always appears so happy. It seems strange to me to think of her ever being sad. Of her crying or holding a deep, dark secret. It seems almost funny to think of that, actually.

Currently I am taking a break while battling. The downpour just became too great. Once Cassie has trouble doing fire attacks it's usually a good sign that it's raining too hard. And, at that point, I have taken to taking breaks.

Glenn is running around and begging me to let him fight. But I don't as I've been battling for half a day so far and the rain is just too much of a challenge now. That fact makes me feel like I'm not being a good trainer. I feel like a good trainer would go through all the elements to become great.

But, I guess, we all have our limits.

My current team is Glenn (Vaporeon), Zorua, Jack-A-Poo (Espeon), Mary (Sunflora), Cassie (Volcarona), and Elfangor (Serperior).
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