Monday, May 2, 2016

Travels of Artictress: Tobias of the Johto Region Entry #2 (HeartGold)

Entry #2 Almost There

I knew being a Pokemon Trainer would be hard, but I didn't really understand how hard it would be. Starting off things seemed to be moving swiftly and then things got a little slower. I am extremely dedicated to training my Pokemon so I can beat Falkner, Gym Leader of the Violet City Pokemon Gym.

I want to start my journey off without a big Gym loss. I don't need my mom to be pitying me for that. I love her but sometimes she cares a little too much.

Whenever I get too nervous, I will recheck to see if I can get more Apricorns. At those times my Pokemon all get to run around free. This is also the time others will comes over and say how cute some of my Pokemon are, especially Rachel.

Now with the Apricorns some would say my addiction might be spiraling out of control. But it's a healthy addiction, right? At least it keeps me on my path to be a Pokemon trainer without too many delays.

The fact that I sometimes spend many a day going from one location to another just to get Apricorns is beside the point. I mean, come on, they can be used to help catch Pokemon. Well, eventually, so me being so adamant in collecting them is a good thing.

A really good thing in the long run.

I have some great news about Hawkboy13. He has just recently evolved into a Furret. He looks more mischievous than he did before. I don't know about what happens when other Pokemon evolve, but Hawkboy13 is really confused about his new body.

For the first two hours as a Furret, he couldn't stop being confused. He kept bumping into things and those that walked by just had to laugh. Some, noticing I'm a very new trainer, jokingly gave me advice on how to control him.

I'm just glad he finally calmed down and I was able to rest. I decided that after the chaos from the afternoon I would visit the Apricorn Man again.

Visiting the Apricorn man can lead to some hilarious results. While he originally didn't guess why I visited his house, he learned. Mainly because he said that if I told him the truth, as he had recently become suspicious, I would get a pound of Apricorns.

I told him the truth and there was no one pound of Apricorns for me.

He did let me sleep in his house so it wasn't all bad. Just the most awkward night I have ever spent with anyone.

The Apricorn Man, as well as my mom, wonders how I keep warm at night when I camp out. I tell them that Rachel makes fires for the nights. I cook and I keep warm. He also gets extra food on those nights.

Okay, so I originally had to bribe him with food. Once he figured out making fires equaled more food, he quickly learned what to do.

Even though I've explained things to mom, she has complained to the point that I tend to go back home when I can. I also get pampered but it's really awkward. I guess I just don't like her pity because I have things under control.

Minus my love of Apricorns.

My current team is Hawkboy13 (Furret), Hope (Spinarak), Ratmance (Rattata), Hootini (Hoothoot), Nothlit (Pidgey), and Rachel (Quilava).
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