Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Queen Without a Kingdom (Daenerys' Journal)

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The chill in the air made me wrap my body around Jorah more. It was a slightly odd arrangement as he was a Wildclaw and I was an Imperial, one of the largest breeds on Sornieth. But we made it work and I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather be with than him. He cared for me and I for him. We seemed to be two dragons in one body at times.

My mind drifted off to pleasant dreams of me in charge of a clan and Jorah by my side as my king. He was regal with a crown on his head and his body exuding power in the slightest of movements. I didn't want to rule anymore, not since my failure in both ruling and deciding matters of the heart.

Though I had decided long ago not to become a ruler, Vornz was starting to make me question my decision. My fellow diplomat could tell what a person wanted and that's what he was doing with me. The Coatl could tell that I wasn't truly happy with my position in Seitou's Clan. The need to rule was in my very blood.

There were times during my conversations with Vornz that would make me think about leaving and starting a new clan. But then I would think of the relationships I had formed with all the dragons here and how I don't want to end them. Especially with Scourge and AlexanderIsaacs. The barbaric dragoness and her mate would have to join as she felt honor bond to both myself and Jorah. Sometimes I would imagine longing in her eyes for him and would need to be reassured during those times. Jorah and her had a history as close friends, it wouldn't be wise to upset them on the matter.

Maybe it was the trouble of moving that stopped me from making another clan or maybe I truly cared about these matters. I didn't know.

I was snapped out of my dreams and thoughts by a harsh Autumn wind, its coldness seeming to infect my very blood. Jorah didn't respond as he was warmed by my body heat. Once the wind passed I drifted off to sleep yet again.

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