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Cersei Lannister the Night's Queen

One of the promos for the latest season of Game of Thrones has something in it I want to talk about. The icy breath Queen Cersei Lannister breathes at the end might just be a hint of what is to come with her character. It might be a hint that she will become the Night's Queen.

Before all of you start telling me that isn't going to happen, I'm going to agree with you. This theory is insane and probably won't happen. However, it's one that is interesting to me. One of the reasons being that it'll extend Cersei's time on the show.

I admit I can't hate her character if only because Lena Headey is so awesome.
The Early Years

Cersei and Jaime were extremely close even before they were born. As they were being born they didn't want to let go of each other. She came first and he came second.

In any other series this incest would be gross and disturbing. But in the Game of Thrones universe it's oddly romantic. I'm not saying it's a happy relationship, but it's sweet in its own way. In Cersei's mind it might not be what we consider romantic, but a way for her to control someone else.

Possibly in her mind that's the same thing.
While Cersei Lannister loved her brother, she also wished to marry Rhaegar Targaryen. She wanted to marry him and rule by his side as queen. It was her interest in the man that eventually lead to her hearing the Valonqar Prophecy.
Unfortunately for her and fortunately for him, he loved another woman. It was Rhaegar's love for Lyanna Stark that lead to the downfall of his House. Though he shouldn't fully be blamed for this as Littlefinger might have been the one to start the rumor of him kidnapping his love. There's also the fact that the Mad King wasn't exactly rational during the end of his House's reign on the Iron Throne.
Now let's get back to Jaime Lannister as he's much more a part of Cersei's story than Rhagear ended up being.

It has been stated numerous times on the show that Cersei only truly loved her children. Behind the scenes it's been stated her children were the one thing keeping her grounded. Cersei herself told Sansa that she has to love her children as she is a mother. In her mind it is useless to not love her children. This would seem to make Cersei's love for her children more of a burden than what we would know as love.

So Cersei only loved her children, the ones keeping her grounded, out of a sense of duty. So what hope would Jaime have of earning his twin sister's true love?

Cersei was jealous that her brother would marry someone else. Her solution was to make Jaime marrying anyone an impossibility. She had him join the Kingsguard out of jealousy.
The Valonqar Prophecy

Cersei Lannister: Will the king and I have children?

Maggy: Oh, aye. Six-and-ten for him, and three for you. Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds, she said. And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.
Maggy the Frog told Cersei her future, upon the Lannister's request, when the future queen was a child. During this time Maggy told the infamous Valonqar Prophecy. Like the Azor Ahai Prophecy that I discussed in detail previously, this one can be read many different ways. Yes, even a few simple lines can give a person a headache trying to decipher it.

I won't go into detail about it here as this isn't a post just on the Valonqar Prophecy, but what I will mention is the world valonqar.

The word is High Valyrian and means 'little brother'. Since Tyrion Lannister is Cersei's little brother, her hate and rage towards him can be explained by fear. She believes in the prophecy and so thinks that Tyrion will kill her one day.
But Tyrion might not be the valonqar that the prophecy mentions. Remember that prophecies in the Game of Thrones universe are extremely hard to decipher. They can be metaphorical or literal with little help to tell the difference. So Cersei being so certain that Tyrion is the valonqar might stem from her hatred of her dwarf brother and her love for her twin.

This is part of the reason I'm extremely glad I didn't try for two prophecy posts in a row. Like the Azor Ahai Prophecy, the Valonqar Prophecy's main difficulty is who is mentioned.

But valonqar means little brother so at least now there are only two options? How difficult can it be to choose between two people?
The thing is the prophecy never clarifies whose little brother is meant. Maggy just said 'the valonqar' and not Cersei's valonqar. So anyone who is a little brother could be the one to kill Cersei.

Bran Stark, Theon Greyjoy, and the list goes from there. It could even refer to a Dothraki if we really want to consider all the options.

So if Cersei does the insane thing and keeps track of every little brother she could keep herself safe. Right?
Well...valonqar is High Valyrian which is a gender neutral language. So the prophecy could refer just as easily to a little sister. And what little sisters would be more than happy to kill Cersei?

There is Arya Stark who has the queen on her list. By the end of Season 6 she has made her way back to Westeros and has started crossing off names on her list. As she has trained to be a Faceless Man, she is more than capable of getting close to her target.

There is also Daenerys Targaryen who has made it her mission in life to take the Iron Throne. As the Lannister is the current queen of the Seven Kingdoms, the Targaryen will have to deal with her at some point.
Cersei's Love for Her Children

Cersei Lannister is a cruel villain on Game of Thrones. She is a terrible person who is selfish. A good person wouldn't use wildfire inside of her own city. A good person would've been there for her son so he didn't commit suicide.
But even though she is not a good person, her children kept her grounded. Her children were there to help tame her madness. Joffrey, Tommen, and Myrcella were all there to keep Cersei stable. Well, as stable as the woman would ever be.
Now all three of Cersei's children are dead. The insufferable Joffrey, the innocent Myrcella, and the naive Tommen. All of them are dead. The last things keeping Cersei from full insanity are gone. What makes the deaths worse is that the now queen will see proof of Maggy's prophecies being true.

If her children are dead then surely the valonqar must be coming after her?

Tommen's death might hurt Cersei the hardest. This is because she is responsible for it. She won't think anything of killing Margaery, which was the reason her son killed himself. But Cersei might feel that if she had been there, he wouldn't have died. That if she had been a mother at that point she would still have one child left alive.

This guilt might twist and turn inside of Cersei to the point it increases her madness. Her other two children may haunt her but it was Tommen that would have been the easiest to save. Or she might go deep into madness to the point she has stopped questioning her actions that day.
With her children dead, how far into madness will Queen Cersei Lannister go?

This is a question that excites me. I am very much hoping that she will do horrendous things next Season of Game of Thrones. I hope that her actions will shock me to my core. I hope I am left with a sense of unease for days on end.

Jaime Lannister, her twin and lover, is something else that might anchor her to reality temporarily. He doesn't have the same strength over his sister as their children did but it is still something. If he does leave her next Season that might be the event that makes her go full blown mad queen.
How Cersei Could Become the Night's Queen

Cersei Lannister is known for putting her ego above her talents. When she saw an opportunity to use the High Sparrow for her own ends, she didn't think twice about involving him. That lead to her taking the infamous walk of shame and using wildfire to solve her problems. She takes things day by day which isn't that good in the long term.

So it is more than possible that Cersei will, by her own actions, back herself into a corner and will need a way out. She could think she can use the Night's King and so gladly become his queen without thinking of the consequences.

It wouldn't be the first time that Cersei has greatly overestimated her ability to control people.
As Cersei Lannister won't have her children to ground her, Jaime Lannister might withdraw his support. His time away from his sister has turned him into a better person. The scene where he rapes Cersei shows how quickly he can revert back to his old self when he's near her, though.

But as Cersei used wildfire inside King's Landing, it will be easier for him to get away this time. The reason he killed the Mad King was because the Targaryen was going to use wildfire to destroy King's Landing.

With Jaime gone, Cersei may believe that she has no one left to count on. This gives her an even bigger reason to do something as insane as side with the Night's King.
Cersei's alliance with the Night's King might not be fully consensual. It might be that she ends up dying first. Jaime, Arya, and many others have reasons to kill her. There is also the possibility that Qyburn didn't tell Cersei everything about the zombie Mountain. It might be that the former maester's creation isn't adverse to killing its charge.

It is possible that Cersei might be drinking wine one night, day, or afternoon and then be killed by her guard.
So sometime after Cersei dies the Night's King finds her. For one reason or another he decides to make her his queen. Possibly he is intrigued by her cruelty and thinks she will only strengthen his reign. She might be so far gone at this point that she will be more than pleased with the turn of events.
What about the Valonqar Prophecy

Now some of you might be yelling about how the Valonqar Prophecy means Cersei Lannister will never become the Night's Queen. Well that isn't exactly true. The prophecy merely states that she will be killed by a younger brother/sister. That is all it says about her being killed.

The prophecy doesn't say anything about the events surrounding Cersei except her children's death causing her to become stricken with grief. says her children will die and that she will become stricken with grief at least.
Since the Night's King can resurrect the dead, Cersei's change to Night's Queen could happen after her death. The monster can find her corpse and bring her back to life. Give her a new life.

This means the valonqar could kill her and therefore fulfill the prophecy. Arya Stark could wear the face of someone else and then kill the Mad Queen. The young girl would walk away thinking that she marked off another name on her list only to see Cersei again.

Jaime Lannister could kill Cersei and feel some pain in doing so. Then he would see the woman he had loved and killed alive once more.
And if Cersei Lannister isn't killed by the valonqar once she is turned into the Night's Queen?

Again, the prophecy isn't very exact about the events surrounding Cersei at the time of its fulfillment. There is nothing there that states she can't be transformed and then killed. All it says is that the queen must be killed by the valonqar.

Possibly Cersei is transformed and then in a battle Daenerys uses Drogon to kill the Lannister. Or a number of possible candidates could kill the Night's Queen. There would be a war for humanity's survival going on after all.
Please leave a comment about your thoughts about Cersei Lannister becoming the Night's Queen in Game of Thrones. Do you think it's possible? Do you want it to happen or do you just want Cersei dead already? Also comment below to suggest future posts for this blog.




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