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Gaowi (Jash's Dragon Army)

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Name: Gaowi

Breed: Royal Crimson Dragon

Clan: Hounds of the Wastelands

Position: Healer Hound

Sex: Male

Gender: Man

Sexual Orientation: Gay

Romantic Orientation: Homoromantic

Mate(s): N/A

Fics: N/A

Forms: N/A

Theme Song: Sinners by Lauren Aquilina


Jashypoo won a Royal Crimson Dragon egg in a bet. She had been playing some game involving cards that her fellow travelers were obsessed with. It was a simple game that could grow complicated very fast. She loved that there was a hidden complexity to it. After a few nights she finally won.

After winning she stayed with the group until they reached a village. It was there that she had already planned to meet someone and, therefore, couldn't travel with her previous group any longer. She had been having dreams again, visions, and in the village lived one of the more trust worthy soothsayers. One that didn't have a good business because he told the truth.

The stay with the soothsayer took longer than expected. The egg she had won in the card game hatched before Jashypoo had all her answers. The hatchling proved themselves more than a handful. Always they wanted their will to be done and got angry when their human didn't meet their demands quickly. It was only because they weren't the first Royal Crimson dragon she had raised that she remained calm. Eventually the hatchling learned to hold their tongue as the strange human couldn't be swayed by mere aggression.

Once the wings grew in he became obsessed with trying to fly. He was so intent on becoming a good flier that he only said gaowi for the longest time. Jashypoo was amused and so named him that. She stopped her travels so that she could better look after Gaowi. His need to fly was great which meant he tired himself out by day's end. This, in turn, meant traveling was not an option. She couldn't be worn out the same time he was or else she couldn't offer any protection.

Jashypoo found a cave and would rest there while the hatchling played around. One day she was falling asleep when Gaowi cried out in pain. Her motherly instincts took over and she ran to see what was wrong. The young hatchling had broken a wing and was more than lost. He didn't know what life meant if not to fly.

The strange human consoled him as she took care of his wing. As he waited for it to heal he became interested in the art of healing. He wanted to know how to fix his wings when he was away from the human. Gaowi knew that his place wouldn't always be by her and he had to plan for that day. He had to plan for that time.

Jashypoo decided to go back to her home, the one she rarely visited nowadays, and told Gaowi he was strong enough to live on his own. The hatchling thought his human didn't love him anymore and grew angry. She reassured him that to be a dragon, to be a fierce dragon, he needed to explore the world on his own. If he became too used to comforts he would never be able to handle the darkness that she saw approaching.

Gaowi finally agreed to stay on his own for a few months before returning to her. After a heartfelt goodbye they parted ways. The first night was the hardest and he kept crying out for Jashypoo. He calmed himself down by repeating all the facts about healing he had learned from her. The next morning he was calmer and decided to start looking for items needed to heal his wings. He didn't want them to be damaged beyond repair, especially without the strange human to help him.

He ran into a group of Magi Dragons who were in need of a healer. Gaowi offered his service to them in exchange for their protection. They were hesitant but allowed it. He was able to clumsily heal the fallen party member and so earned their protection. At least for a short time and then they parted way.
Being alone did not suit Gaowi, but he was learning to accept that there wouldn't always be others around him. He was learning to accept the fact that sometimes the only dragon he could count on would be himself. He preferred others around him so that he could be obeyed, but he knew that sometimes he would have to live without that comfort.

Gaowi came to terms with the fact he would need to offer something to get what he wanted. Whether that be protection, supplies, shelter, ect. So he decided to become a better healer as that seemed to be something he was good at. He studied for years and soon had a business. It was a traveling one so that he could see the vast world and dragons had to seek him out. Once he was even offered a daughter of a very influential dragon. Gaowi declined the offer yet still healed the dragon.

Through the years he grew up and forgot about Jashypoo. At least to the extent he no longer woke up thinking about her. Then one winter morning he saw a very familiar human approaching him. He flew out to meet her and they caught up with all that had gone on. After the second day they were together, she mentioned the Hounds of the Wastelands.

Gaowi was more than excited to be considered for such a position but worried how it would affect his business. The strange human reassured him that he could keep his business as long as he put her dragons first. The vain dragon considered this and agreed, his need to please Jashypoo would always override any other logic he had.

Becoming a member of the Hounds was strange for him. He felt it odd being around so many dragons that were his clanmates. That were supposed to be as close to him as his own blood. It was only when becoming a Hound that he found out about Jashypoo's control over the others. He found it strange that some dragons would want to harm the human and so she felt compelled to make it so they couldn't.

Nowadays Gaowi goes between his business and his duties as a Healer Hound. Sometimes his duty makes him lose patrons which he loathes. But sometimes, very rarely, new customers are attracted to him because of his dedication to the Hounds of the Wastelands.

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