Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Ultimate Animorphs Quiz (Part 3) (Quiz)

The Animorphs series began with the Andalites appearing to be the ultimate good guys. All our heroes had to do was fight long enough until the four-eyed aliens came with backup. But then things grew complicated and no longer did the Andalites seem like the good guys. At least not like they had in the beginning. I have a relationship with the species that is mostly hate but to dismiss their contributions to the series would be pure insanity. So, without further waiting, let's get to testing your knowledge about everything Andalite related.

On Uquiz you can both setup passwords to quizzes and have them last only a certain amount of time. I'm doing this so that during the times between the password running out and resetting it I can make any necessary changes without interfering with people taking the quiz.

Password: TooManyFingers

You can take the quiz HERE.

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