Friday, May 26, 2017

New CafePress Design: Don't Drink and Morph

Because no one really buys from my CafePress shop, I've changed to adding a new design once I have a good idea. This new design deals with something that was said in an episode of With Extra Happy. This design can be found in the Quotes and Phrases section of my shop.

This new design features an Animorphs related joke:
Don't Drink and Morph

During one of the many tangents I am most likely infamous for, the issue of morphing and drinking came up. Cat, my ever loyal co-host, suggested I put this on a shirt. I agreed that the phrase 'don't drink and morph' was perfect for a shirt.

On the topic of drinking and morphing...what if you get so drunk that you can't remember which way to morph? You're mid-morph and forget if you're demorphing or morphing. Imagine being stuck as a monstrosity like that!

So be good and don't drink and morph!

You can get this design and others HERE.

If you have suggestions for future designs, please tell me in the comments below.

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