Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Travels of Artictress: Rin of the Alola Region Entry #1 (Moon)

Entry #1: Starting a New Life

My name is Rin and I just arrived in the Alola Region not that long ago. Heck, Mom still hasn't finished unpacking and most of our stuff is still in boxes. Lots of boxes. I'm surprised so many fit inside our small little house.

I'm also genderfluid and go by male pronouns. I also adore changing my clothes and hair on a weekly basis. There will be no hair color that fits me perfectly, I'm sure of that.

So where am I originally from? I was born in Kanto. Why did I move? Because Mom said so and you can't argue with her. She's too sweet to hate.

It's odd going from an old place into a new one. Don't get me wrong, Melemele is a great place but it isn't home. I had friends in Knato that I'll never see again. We do keep up communications's not like we can hang out every weekend. I know soon I'll stop keeping up with my old friends as much because that's the way things seem to work out. Even though I've left my old friends behind, Hau is quickly entering my inner circle. He's extremely funny and is more than happy to show me around.

Speaking of being shown the Alola Region there are island trials instead of gyms. It's sort of odd to go through trials instead of gyms, but it is also sort of better. I'm really learning the layout of my new home by doing them. I just passed all the ones on Melemele and I can't get wait to get started on my next island. I don't know who is more excited for the next series of trials: me or Hau.
Anyways...the trials on Melemele were extremely fun. I spent more time than I had to leveling up my Pokemon as I wanted to impress the people of my new home.

I chose Rowlet as my starter as he was just too cute. I named him Jeor from a series I'm into. I don't know if he liked the name. In any case he has been a big help throughout my trials so far.

The best part of the trials for me is sleeping under the sky. Since I'm a trainer most people will let me sleep in their house if need be. But the truth is if the weather stays good, I like to camp out. When it comes nighttime me and my Pokemon all snuggle together.

Besides the exhausting training, thrilling trials, and just getting used to the Alola Region there is something else. Her name is Lillie and I don't know what I'm feeling for her. There's something about how the starlight hits her hair in just the right way and her smile that makes me feel like I'm going to vomit. But in a good way.

She carries around Nebby. I'm one of the few that know about him. It's strange to be trusted so much. I'm also trusted to rescue him every time he decides to be an idiot and leave the bag. For something so defenseless, he sure likes to take a lot of risks.

My current team is Selmy (Fearow), Vale (Slowpoke), Eve (Pikachu), Rhaegar (Growlithe), Valonqar (Mankey), and Jeor (Dartrix).
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