Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Thief and the Ghost

A woman seeking her dream

A man seeking to reclaim what he once had

A destiny that seeks to bring them together

Liaban spends her days dreaming of becoming a wyvern rider. She thinks that once she gets a wyvern she will be able to be free and help her fellow humans. Because of her Nieth brother that seems like it won't happen. He has made it near impossible for anyone to take her as a rider. He also uses her profession as a gladiator to try to have her killed.

Even in the darkness she has found two friends: Gadwall a fellow gladiator and Mont an ex-wyvern rider.

When an opportunity arises to achieve her dream can she find the strength she needs?

This is the first book in my The Wyvern's Call series which can be found HERE. If you only want to get notifications for that series and don't care about the rest of my blog, follow by e-mail over there. If you already follow this blog by e-mail, there is no need to do the same at that blog. I will be posting snippets of each new chapter with a link to the complete chapter on this blog. Sort of like what I'm doing with CROSSING THE DIVIDE.

A warning that this series contains graphic content and themes that younger readers might be uncomfortable with.


Part I: The Great Dance
Chapter 1: A Gift of Blood
Chapter 2: Crushing the Dream
Chapter 3: The Call Deepens
Chapter 4: A Life Fades
Chapter 5: Birth of Hope
Chapter 6: The First Lesson
Chapter 7: A Short Leave
Chapter 8: A Time Without
Chapter 9: The Return

First Interlude: The King's Decree

Part II: Following the Call
Chapter 10: Into Lands Unknown
Chapter 11: Tears from the Sky
Chapter 12: The Inn
Chapter 13: The Great Theft
Chapter 14: All is not Well
Chapter 15: A Task Complete

Second Interlude: Alone in the World

Part III: A New Life
Chapter 16: Escape from Junith
Chapter 17: With Bated Breath
Chapter 18: Cutting
Chapter 19: When the Wind Howls
Chapter 20: Inside Death
Chapter 21: Inside Life
Chapter 22: A Flame Extinguished
Chapter 23: Back to the Inn


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