Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Quickie: The Flaws of the Jedi (Star Wars)

The Jedi Order has existed for millennia. For time without end, it seems, they have been the bringers of light to a chaotic universe. When I first watched the movies I saw them as the good guys. There could be problems within the Order but the flaws could always be fixed. Right?

I am not sure where the origins of the Jedi Order are in the new canon and I don't want to accidentally give out some now defunct canon information. It's been awhile since I've kept up with the Expanded Universe (EU) as all the information overwhelmed me. Need to catch up but with my never ending 'to read list'...might be awhile.

So if anything new has been revealed in the EU and I don't mention it, that's why.
Taken as Children

Potential Jedi are brought into the Order as children. They do ask the parents beforehand as they aren't monsters. This also isn't done because of cruelty. It's done so that the potential Jedi won't fall prey to the dark side easily. At least that's the hope.

Count Dooku shows that this process isn't one hundred percent effective. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, and other various Jedi do show that the process does work. The reason Yoda was hesitant to train both Anakin and Luke Skywalker was because they were too old so the Dark Side might easily corrupt them.

Until The Last Jedi comes out I won't say anything for certain about Luke.
So why would this process of taking children away keep them from the Dark Side?

Let's take a look to the real world at sheltered children. When kids are brought up thinking that only one way is right and everything else is wrong, it is hard for them to think differently from what they're used to. It won't occur to them to think of another way without prompting.

So if children are taken away at an extremely young age and indoctrinated into the Jedi Order, it will be extremely hard for them to think of disagreeing with the Order. Now Dooku did break free and proves that this doesn't always work. However, in the Jedi Apprentice book series (that I'm not sure if they're still canon or not) Obi-Wan leaves the Jedi Order for a short time. The thing is Qui-Gon's apprentice eventually comes back to the only family he has ever known.
No Romantic Attachments

Jedi are not allowed to form any romantic relationships. They're sort of like space priests in that sense. The Jedi Order is the center of their lives and there is nothing that should interfere with that. Imagine having to decide between your significant other and the greater good.

There is a chance that you will do what is best for your love rather than what is required to serve the Force. The Jedi are protecting an order that has existed through countless generations.
To me it is extremely senseless that love is basically banned. At least in terms of romantic relationships. It's not like love is an inherently evil force. Love in its purest form connects at least two people to a level beyond words. Why wouldn't a Jedi want to make a connection like that?
And as for turning to the dark side...there have been Jedi in the past who have fallen in love and continued to serve the light side of the Force.
In the old EU things worked like this: if the movies said something and the EU contradicted them, the movies won. This meant that something the EU stated could become non-canon depending on each movie installment.

The EU was complicated in terms of what was canon. So I just said the short version of it.

I mention that so you'll know that what I'm about to say is non-canon. Anyways, a now non-canon book (possibly Rogue Planet by Greg Bear) has mention of a Jedi Knight or Master having a husband. If not a husband a lover. It's been awhile since I read it so I can't clearly remember what the love interest was to her. And this love interest was not secret or hidden.

So one of the writers thought the whole 'Jedi shall not love/marry/ect' wasn't needed.
Only Looks at the Light Side

The Jedi are extremely powerful and a great force of good in the galaxy. Through their training they're able to learn how to manipulate the Force as well as having a good set of morals. They're able to see what needs to be done and act for the greater good.

But their view of the Force is extremely limited as they only focus on the light side. This is understandable as the dark side is deadly and leads to suffering.

How can a Jedi hope to remain good if he wanders too close to the dark?
The Jedi fail to consider walking the thin line between light and dark. They fail to consider that balance isn't light overpowering darkness. Balance is light and dark co-existing without one side winning the eternal struggle.

The prophecy that Anakin Skywalker fulfilled was about bringing balance to the Force. It wasn't about destroying darkness as that wouldn't bring balance. He destroyed the Jedi and Sith, the two paragons of the light and dark sides of the force, which brought balance. Now neither side had control as they once did.start here
Walking between the light and dark side of the Force isn't easy. It is simpler to fall prey to either the dark or light side. It is easier to choose one set of values instead of embracing the best of both. It is not simple but that doesn't devalue the journey.

If one achieves balance of the two there is great power to be had. There is also the knowledge you gain by seeing that the true color of everything is grey.