Tuesday, March 8, 2016

TobiasFangor (Table of Contents)

I am TobiasFangor, also known as Tobias or Tobias Fangor, and I in the Yun-Harla Department in Seitou's clan. I am of the Shadow Flight and serve the Shadowbinder.

When I was younger I was a pushover. I look at myself back then and it's like I'm looking at an entirely different dragon. Nowadays I wouldn't run away or let myself get beat up, I would fight within an inch of my life. When the announcement came that I was to be a Yun-Harla, many didn't believe I would fit. But with Vergere's excellent tutelage I was able to become more confident, powerful, and found that with my powers I could scout an area as well as a deity. What also helped me was that I found myself away from the continent. Maybe one day I will recount that dreadful tale.

Below are my journal entries:



  1. Hah. I have a Tobias Animorphs fan dragon too XD

    1. Everyone should have one =D

      May need to touch up a gene still and then he'll be perf n.n