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Animorphs Re-Read: Megamorphs #1 The Andalite's Gift (Chapters 29-32)

 Chapter 29
This chapter is narrated by Marco.

And back to Marco's insane driving skills aka his lack of any driving skills!

I don’t care what anyone says - I drove okay.

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, Marco. We all believe you. Let's give a round of applause to Marco's okay driving skills!

Can you just taste that sarcasm?
Marco decides to morph a gorilla as the morph would still allow him to drive. I mean, his driving can't get any worse? Right? Right?

Oh shit I hope I'm right on that point.

As Marco morphs, he comments on how powerful the gorilla morph is compared to his human body. I think he might enjoy the power more than most as he's really sensitive about his height. Nearly as sensitive about his height as people finding him funny.

Marco knows that for all the power of a gorilla, it is nothing compared to Visser Three's pet. That in this scenario Marco is just the bait.

He presses his foot down on the accelerator so that the truck is now going as fast as it will. He goes through lawns but those can be fixed.

Chapter 30
This chapter is narrated by Rachel.

The chapter starts with Cassie telling Rachel who she is. Cassie is now riding Rachel and the amnesiac is doing her best to understand what her best friend is telling her. She understands about moving away from innocent bystanders.

But says about the rest of what Cassie is telling her:

The rest of what she was telling me seemed utterly insane.

So dust beast is normal but Elfangor is utterly insane? Um...okay...
When Cassie mentions Tobias, Rachel recalls a fight in the Yeerk pool. Even in this memory the cries of non-voluntary hosts haunts her. She eventually recalls Tobias and tells Cassie that he's a hawk.

Cassie tells Rachel that the Yeerks are real but she doesn't have time to explain everything now. She tells Rachel about the plan dealing with the Veleek. When Rachel hears the plan she asks if the Animorphs are always this desperate.

Cassie says yes and calls the fight against the Yeerks hopeless. To which Rachel replies:

[A hopeless fight?] I asked. [Isn't that the best kind?]

Rachel, with some of her memory missing, is still Rachel. Is still the girl that will do anything if only for the thrill it gives her.

Rachel, I love you!
Um...back to the story...

Cassie compliments Rachel and then says it's her turn to morph so Rachel should allow her to jump off. Rachel points out that since the Veleek can't lift her, it would be safer for Cassie to morph on her. It surprises Rachel when she finds out that they can morph small animals.

Chapter 31
This chapter is narrated by Marco.

The chapter begins with Marco talking about how the Veleek is blazing after him. I am an adult who is not now imagining the two smoking a lot of weed. Nope. Such an adult I am not thinking that thought.
As Marco is driving, he has an odd desire to pound his chest. This is probably due to the gorilla instincts.

Suddenly the Yeerks start to fire at him from above and Rachel, in elephant morph, appears in his headlights. All in all, a normal day for the Animorph.

To avoid crashing into Rachel he breaks hard and Cassie's truck starts to roll. Well, I am totally surprised Marco damaged the truck. Completely surprised.
Okay, okay. I admit he had an excuse at this point.

From the truck crash, Marco is injured to the point where demorphing would save his life. But with the Veleek so close and the Yeerks overhead, that doesn't seem to be a good thing to do. If he demorphs the Yeerks will find out that he is human. If the Yeerks find out that the Animorphs are human then Earth loses.

Marco can tell that the Veleek is now interested in someone else's morphing energy. He also knows that he's too weak to survive without demorphing.

I could feel consciousness dimming. I had to morph. Let it take me, if it had to.

Chapter 32
This chapter is narrated by Cassie.

The chapter starts off with Cassie morphing into a squirrel while on top of Rachel. She had morphed squirrel before and knew that the mind of the morph would be extremely frightened. There were two main emotions of the squirrel: fear and hunger.

As long as Cassie could keep herself calm, she could control the morph. Not like her current situation is stressful in the least bit. What with her best friend having amnesia, being chased by the Veleek, and just the normal stress of fighting off the Yeerk Invasion of Earth.

You know, no biggie.
As the Veleek got closer and she saw the headlights from her father's truck, she stopped morphing.

And if my fear met the squirrel's fear, I would never gain control.

So, yeah, she knew she's getting too freaked out and she doesn't want to risk being in an out of control morph.

But her stopping the morphing process didn't fully stop the problem and now she is getting all kinds of freaked out.

Cassie is able to identify a Bug fighter. She can't tell Rachel that's what it is as she's not morphed enough to use thought-speak. Well, this plan went well.

When the Dracon beams fire, Cassie can smell burning flesh. She soon finds out that it's Rachel's burning flesh!

Did I mention this book series is for kids? Because it's hard to tell that at times.

Cassie is flung off of Rachel and can see her best friend in pain, her dad's truck totally wrecked, and Marco in not the best shape.

Hey, at least he won't die short!
Cassie realizes she has a hard decision to make. She can start morphing and draw the attention of the Veleek away from her two friends or not morph anymore and remain safe. She also realizes that this is the same scenario as the nightmare she had earlier.

Sometimes this series does venture outside the sci-fi realm into pure fantasy. However, her dream could also be a common fear of war and wasn't specifically pointing at the Veleek.

The Veleek roars as it chooses its prey. Cassie closes her eyes.

OMFG! Who did it choose! Who!
Animorphs Re-Read



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