Sunday, March 20, 2016

New CafePress Designs: Star Horse and One of Your French Birbs

A little bit of honesty here. This week there are both two new designs and they are late. Those are both caused by an issue that has now been resolved.

For this week I decided to use a background image I had made for another design (not one of the weekly designs, but something extra I did) and the other adds onto the section Pets.

These week's designs feature another picture of Selene as well as something overly artsy:
One of Your French Birbs

Selene looks like she is posing here. It seems over time she has become more used to the camera and doesn't mind it as much.

I cut out the mess that was in the background including my medications and cds. Just didn't feel that would be a good look.

Star Horse

I really like how I got this picture to look. It took a little bit of time as there was a bunch of cropping, resizing, and even messing with how transparent the horse would be.

I used it on the F**k Andalite Pride design (found HERE) and decided it was good enough to be its own design.

You can get these designs and others HERE.

If you have suggestions for future designs, please tell me in the comments below.

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