Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Selene (Table of Contents)

I am Selene and I am a scout in Seitou's clan. I am of the Shadow Flight and serve the Shadowbinder.

I have always been an extremely curious Skydancer, always wanting to explore the world. The ease at which I can escape impossible seeming situations earned me the nickname 'the escape artist'. My inability to ever give up has earned me respect from countless clans, including my former one. I left my former clan because I needed to find a clan where I felt sufficiently tested. Loki, Kiwi, and Birb joined me in my quest. I think they consider me a leader. Being a scout means I have to see if there are any enemies hidden as well as the best possible uses for a certain location among other things. All in all a good test of my skills.

Below are my journal entries:


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