Monday, March 21, 2016

A Metallic Love (PaulMuadDib's Journal)

I could feel it in the air, spring was going to arrive soon. Soon Kali will give up her shopkeeper duties to a new dragon. Someone who would help sell the special dragons, as decided by Birchurawkp, to other clans.

This new shopkeeper would help spread the genes of Seitou's Clan to the far reaches of Sornieth as well as help make ties with other clans. Kali isn't the most diplomatic of the clan, with her mental anguish I cannot blame her.

That would be too cruel. Even for me.

Kali has done a good job as a shopkeeper and so I don't think the job is too hard. Xelalin, on the other claw, has a very different opinion on the matter. Currently the Spiral was curled around me, or at least as much of me as he could curl around.

I had been reassuring him for hours that he would make a great shopkeeper. I also had to tell him the rumors of him being chosen didn't have to be true. Not that that fully helped ease his mind.

He was raised by Harpies and didn't fully think of himself as a dragon. So having him be around dragons for a season was terrifying to him, I could understand that. I also could be exhausted from his nervousness.

Another bout of nervousness I had seen recently came from Cameron. The Skydancer usually had the most stoic of expressions and many wondered if she could actually feel emotion. If she could love, hate, and all the other emotions dragons considered normal.

The change of outward appearances had started when SarahConnor, Mother of all Destiny, had come into the clan. The Guardian was a machine and seemed to rely on Cameron for most, if not all, mental stability.

The two had started a bond that I would have never thought possible before. Sarah started embracing her machine side, more than before at least, and took her place in the Warrior Department. Cameron was the only one who didn't seem pleased about this.

Could this be because she wanted more time with her lover? Or someone that could be a potential mate?

It is beyond fulfilling to see Cameron have outward signs of emotions. I do not much care if she abandons MartinBedell as I have no interest in clan drama, just my clanmate's growth.

I held back a sigh as Xelalin became silent when TobiasFangor came to hide underneath me. Tobias needed to be more sure of himself. He was a Wildclaw, an extremely fierce breed. Right now he was doing his own heritage a disservice.

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