Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Rin Duology: Rin, Jorah, and Doctor Isaacs (Jash's Dragon Army)

I am currently writing a long fanfic, the longest I have currently written in a long time, called the Rin Duology. It is a Game of Thrones/Resident Evil crossover fic with mature content (so don't view it unless you're 18+). If you accidentally click on the link don't worry, it merely brings you to a table of contents and not the fic itself.

Since I've been getting obsessed with the fic I've decided to name some of my dragons on Dragon Cave after the main love interests in the fic itself. I am planning to expand on the fic characters in the future but, for now, this is it.
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Rin Kaari

Rin is the main character in the two part fic. I decided on Celestial as she prefers not to get involved. The breed can become corporeal so I figured that would reflect how hard she thinks about involving herself in certain matters and also how hard it is to win her heart.

Update: I changed her breed as the Guardian of Nature fits her better. Before Rin got involved with Daenerys she stayed silent the majority of the time and only interacted with other humans rarely. She reacted so rarely with others of her kind that stories of her were never widespread. Not even when she owned a dragon. Rin is also adaptable as she was able to go from living with Direwolves to living with fellow humans. She was even able to live in a reality that wasn't her own.
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Jorah Mormont

Jorah Mormont is the first man Rin ever loved. Their love was one where they met and were instantly dedicated to each other. Originally their meeting was going to be completely different but I didn't know that I would stick with this fir for as long as I did so I sped it way up. In canon I ship Jorah and Daenerys really hard and so make references to it in the fic. Though, in the fic, they have made peace with the fact that they aren't meant for each other so hopefully the references aren't seen as Rin being uncertain of Jorah's affections. I had to name the dragon Lord Jorah Mormont on the site as the Jorah Mormont was already taken for obvious reasons. I chose a Guardian as he is extremely protective of those he is loyal to.
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Alexander Isaacs

Alex is Rin's second love and she started to love him partially because he looks like Jorah. For awhile they were together and then there was a parting as Rin was finally able to see that he wasn't good for her, no matter how much she loved him. With some character growth on Alex's part, Rin is more comfortable with him but is keeping an eye out. I chose Royal Crimson as the breed seems to be right personality wise. Like the infamous Doctor Isaacs, this breed is egotistical and likes to throw their weight around.

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