Thursday, September 15, 2016

Between Two Worlds 50

Finally I had one helicopter where it would cause a good amount of damage once it crashed. I aimed my fiery breath at it and my attack merely singed it. The soldiers shooting out of it laughed as the pilot shot a missile at me. I dove so that the missile merely flew a few inches past me and then turned so my stomach was facing the helicopter. I tried again and this time the vehicle started to fly off course and with a second shot it went crashing down.

I looked as it fell onto part of the Umbrella convoy. K-Mart held her breath as I righted myself and she saw the helicopter nearly fall onto some of Alice's men. The explosion killed a lot of Umbrella soldiers and disrupted whatever plan had been going on down below. I saw Alice, the original one, look up at me with an angry expression and then quickly focused on what was happening down below. I turned my attention back to my own part in my second battle.

The two remaining helicopters were now a little more keen onto my attack patterns. I wanted them to crash two separate times but it was looking more like they would have to crash as one. Holding back a curse, I focused on how to work with my new situation. The wind was getting trickier to navigate and I quickly figured out why. Taking a sudden sharp turn to the right, fire from both helicopters nearly hitting me yet again, I could see the dust clouds in the distance. While I was certain I could navigate the storm, even with two untrained riders on my back, I didn't trust Alice to be able to survive if the fighting went on much longer. It was for her that I would end this much sooner than was advisable.

-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a Game of Thrones/Resident Evil Fic
-It's a Doctor Isaacs Fic

You can read it HERE

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