Friday, February 5, 2016

Chronicles of Gaia (Table of Contents)

Thousands of years in the past some of humanity left the Earth, abandoning the rest as they felt them unworthy. The humans that remained were forced to survive the changing planet on their on. Soon the planet was beset by plagues leaving the remaining humans forced to change so that they could survive.

Through trial and error, a process using genetic manipulation was found to allow a person to change into any animal at will. The humans on Earth now called themselves Drethiveal and the process of changing was called Aveal.

The new inhabitants of Earth changed names of places in their distaste of what species they had once been. Human became the foulest word a person could speak.

It had seemed that humans and Drethiveal would leave each other alone until Buteo Ralph finds that humans are returning. He soon finds that he must become what he had never wanted to be: a warrior.

Short Explanation: Every time a goal is reached on my Patreon I will release a new chapter.

Long Explanation: Patreon is a crowdfunding site where you can support content creators. This is a monthly donation site so be aware of that when donating to someone's Patreon.

Goals can be set by creators to designate when they'll do something special. In my case, I'll be releasing a new chapter of my original series Chronicles of Gaia. The series was originally going to be released in e-book format.

Not everyone has to donate to my Patreon for my goals to be reached. But some of you will have to. I will keep the goals small so that they can be easily reached.

For those of you who donate, you will be able to access bonus chapters. These chapters won't be needed to understand the plot, but will expand the universe of this series.

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