Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Second Yun-Harla (Gabar's Journal)

Today, like most days, I was training under Vergere. It felt like training would never end and that was okay. Training was learning and learning should never end. Once you stopped learning, you stopped embracing the world and that was a terrible thing.

I was already adept at using the element of Shadow as I was brought into this world by the glory of the Shadowbinder. But to truly be a Yun-Harla was to be adept at all forms of magic. Embracing each deity and element as easily as the deity that gave me birth. That gave me life.

Today we were doing some exercises with the element of Light. Calling upon the Lightweaver's power seemed confusing to me. I could use the power was just so different from Shadow.

The task was relatively simple today: just focus on creating a ball of light in one of my claws.

Simple and yet hard.

As I focused the energy needed, I thought of how Vornz seemed more than a little disappointed to not be in my department.

The ambitious Coatl had arrived in the clan long before me. I think he thought he would be a Yun-Harla as he was extremely close to Vergere. He was very social, but he seemed to be especially so with the head of my department.

But Vergere is practical when deciding important things. And those in her department are very important to her. She knows that she is the bearer of great power and that she can only tell certain dragons how to attain that power.

She isn't greedy with her knowledge, but is pragmatic with how much she gives out to each dragon.

While Vornz is fit for his role as  a diplomat, his thoughts and feelings tend to be channeled towards power. Towards glory. While a Yun-Harla has no shame in feeling rightly won pride, Vornz seeks it more than glorifying Sornieth.

If Vergere were to give him all her knowledge, he would cause great danger to the clan.

As it is now, he does not have that power. He also puts the clan above himself so maybe there is hope that if, on the rare chance, he gets Vergere's knowledge he will remain loyal to the clan.

I was finally able to create a little ball of light. It was fiercely bright and extremely hot. I felt like I shouldn't be doing this. I lost control and the ball of light went out. Except for the heat which stayed without any source.

Vergere seemed to be excited as the heat remaining might signal that I was using both the elements of Light and Fire.

I will have to practice only using one element at a time now. It was impressive but could be a weakness later on.

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