Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Fateful Journey 3

"Ow." Crayak said as it flinched away from my herbs.

"Is the big bad Crayak hurt from a minor wound?" I teased it.

I didn't usually have that fierce of a sense of humor, but I had spent a few minutes patching myself up and hours helping him. The wound on my shoulder hurt and would leave a scar, but it wouldn't be infected. That's what was important now.

"It was half my wing." It replied as I finished my work and started back on myself. "Thanks, though."

"I am here to heal." I shrugged. "You seem to be pretty far from the Arcanist's territory."

"I am going to serve the Plaguebringer and see if she will take me into her service."

"Don't you find her flight...cruel?"

"Cruel? No." It said with a laugh, its Arcane eyes full of glee. "That deity is one of survival. If her servants appear cruel it's because you don't understand nature. You don't understand the risks that need to be taken. I've met some great dragons of the Plague Flight."

If the Plaguebringer represented the true essence of survival, I would turn back to the Lightweaver and beg for my forgiveness. I preferred survival that was bent on healing.

Plague dragons tended to be deformed or wearing outlandish wounds with some sick pride. Nothing I wanted to be involved with.

"So, why are you here? This seems pretty far from the Lightweaver." Crayak said.

"I am seeking to serve the Icewarden." I replied, gritting my teeth as the healing spell I was using had a painful sting.

"Isn't he the one to say not to work together?"

"Keeping all twelve deities fighting as one unit is too great a task. We are fighting the Shade much better apart than together."

"So the Plaguebringer isn't all evil if she fights the Shade in her own way."

"There are better ways to fight. She is one of the reasons we can't fight as one."

I tried to hide a small smile as this conversation was fun. Exciting. Playful and yet serious. I couldn't read the Coatl's expression, but thought that I saw a small smirk on its face.

The small smirk on its face turned into a frown. Through tiny movements on its face I could tell something was going on. Was it trying not to laugh?

"You saved my life." Crayak finally replied, not looking at me. "Therefore I am in debt to you. Therefore I will help you on your quest to go to the Icewarden. Afterwards I will leave for the service of the Plaguebringer. If we see each other in battle, I will not take mercy on you."

I nodded, knowing I could not ask for more. At least this Coatl was not entirely ungrateful. At least it was willing to repay debts. That was something at least.

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