Friday, February 26, 2016

A Fateful Journey 4

I leaned on a large rock as I tried to catch my breath. My herbs and healing spells were being used much too often. In fact, my original herb supply was all gone and now I kept a constant eye out for plants that would suit my needs.

"What the Shade, Ellimist!" Crayak yelled, landing on the rock.

I held back commenting on its stench as its smell was all my fault. The herbs I had found worked, but the smell was less than desirable. I couldn't tell if Crayak's pained expression was because of the fresh cuts on its body or the smell of the herbs.

"We survived another battle, I don't know why you're complaining." I told him, not looking him in the eye.

"Yes, because chasing a Tengu always turns out well." Crayak hissed.

"That Tengu had very useful information."

"That led us right into a herd of dragon hating centaurs."

Crayak did have a point. I had been too trusting of the Tengu, even though the creatures have a reputation for trickery, and had followed its instructions. In the creature's defense, I had been able to stock up on much needed herbs.

The fact that the herbs were by a herd of centaurs, who were extremely territorial about the herbs, was left unmentioned by the Tengu.

Crayak opened its wings to their fullest extent and lay on the rock. Its chest heaving as though it would never get enough oxygen again. I would've put a hand on it but I didn't think we had that kind of friendship.

It was with me because of a debt and would leave me afterwards.

Why was I hoping for something more? Like a companion to join me in my future service to the Icewarden?

"Yes, I trusted him too much." I replied to Crayak.

While its face was angry there was something there, some kind part of him. Some part that you could even call decent. It wasn't fair that I was getting everything out of this when he had risked so much. Besides, the home of the Icewarden wasn't too far from the home of the Plaguebringer.

Also, this would make it so he would have to be the one to say good-bye.

"The Southern Ice Fields aren't that far from the Scarred Wastelands." I told Crayak as he gave me a strange look. "I could take you to serve the Plaguebringer and then go to serve the Icewarden. Besides, I have a better sense of direction."

Crayak shrugged its shoulders in a sign of agreement. The Plaguebringer's territory was right by the Arcanist's territory so there was no reason for us to have met.

"So, are we in agreement?" I asked it.

Crayak seemed to consider for a little bit. Its eyes going between me and the sky, as if waiting for a sign. Was there sadness in the Coatl's eyes or was it merely hatred of the fact that it would not be able to fulfill its debt?

"Yes, are are in agreement." Crayak replied. "And you better be good at directions than you are at telling if someone is leading us into a trap or not."

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