Thursday, February 25, 2016

Necessity of the Deities (Nokomis' Journal)

The afternoon was clear and the air had a slight chill to it. At least I didn't mind it, though Birchurawkp seemed to have an adverse reaction to it. They tended to be inside the majority of the day and night.

But I wasn't too focused on that now as Vornz and myself were discussing a plan of Vergere's. The basic premise was to collect one egg each of all the deities and then use it for a spell. She wouldn't tell any of those outside of the Yun-Harla Department what that plan was.

However, many of us found it unethical purely because innocent unborn hatchlings were having their lives risked. Vornz was currently telling me about how even Glau was worried about it. How could she know the plan if she wasn't in the Yun-Harla?

Well, her and Vergere seemed to be close enough for department secrets to get through.

The young Coatl brought up a good bought that using eggs in spells was a disgrace to both the deities and dragonkind itself.

This started to make me question the necessity of the deities. Don't get me wrong, the fact that they help protect us from the Shade is beyond important. But how come it's been decided that we fight better apart than together?

Wouldn't an army lead by all the deities working together be more strong? Can't they get past personal differences to fight off this great evil once and for all?

I guess, at the end of the day, the deities are too chaotic to fight off the Shade as one. So there is more control by being apart. Which leads to the problem of no real leadership. Sornieth is forced to be ruled by chaos that is attempting to make an attack on something older than time itself.

Though Vergere disagrees with me on that point.

In any case, we need the deities to protect us no matter how foolish their current plan is. Without them, we would not stand a chance. No dragon can hatch without the power of one of the deities. That is the reason none of Seitou's Clan dare venture off this continent we call home.

But what if we didn't have to depend on the deities to bring life to our eggs? What if  Vergere was planning to harness the power of the deities to hatch eggs?

It was no secret that MartinBedell wished to find where the Shade's home planet was and so this would be beyond important to accomplish the long mission. This was, of course, if Vergere's plan involved helping Martin with his.

After the discussion was over, and Vornz had left, I found myself agreeing with him. While the Coatl might have be paranoid about what was going on, he was right in the fact that Vergere needed to be questioned.

Did Seitou agree with her if Vornz's fears were true? Or was the Head of the Yun-Harla Department keeping secrets from her own leader?

In a few days I would have enough time to question Vergere. I started to make preparations of how the conversation would go.

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