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Animorphs Re-Read: Megamorphs #1 The Andalite's Gift (Chapters 25-28)

 Chapter 25
This chapter is narrated by Marco.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Marco is driving the truck which means, of course, that Jake and Cassie are yelling at him. He yells at them to shut up so he can drive right as he nearly crashes into another driver.

And now comes one of my favorite parts of the series...Marco drives onto the sidewalk and keeps on crashing into trashcan after trashcan after trashcan. Jake yells at his best friend to get off the sidewalk.

As Marco  drives off the sidewalk he nearly crashes into a car and Jake says this line that will live in infamy: 

"Do you hate trash cans?" Jake asked. "Is that your problem? Do you just HATE TRASH CANS?!!" 

I think there is a moment of silence that is needed to take in that great line.

Marco replies that he can't drive with Jake yelling in his ear. Jake replies Marco can't drive at all. I'm going to agree with Jake here.

Cassie shouts directions and Marco follows them to the best of his ability. Which means he goes the right way at least.

"I'm going to kill you, Marco," Jake said in a weirdly calm voice. "If I survive, I am gonna kill you."

Cassie yells at Marco that she thought he said he could drive. Well...that's not exactly what he said. He had said that he scored a lot of points in this one car game. Totally the same thing!
I can drive go-carts but driving in a real car is different, to say the least.

As Marco is 'driving' they see Rachel being chased by the Veleek. Jake decides he will morph to lure the dust monster away from his cousin.

Cassie screams her lesbian love for Rachel as her best friend is about to be killed by the Veleek. They quickly figure out that the dust beast's purpose is to capture them and that Rachel's elephant morph is too heavy for it.

Cassie tries to squeeze over Jake so she can get out and go to Rachel. As she's trying to do that, Marco says this line that I can't wait to take out of context:

"Jake, better climb in the back, man. You're getting large," I said and put on the brakes.
Jake exits the truck to get into the back as Cassie leaves the vehicle. I'm starting to think that she doesn't care about Rachel as much as getting away from Marco's 'driving' abilities.

Marco goes backwards into a car and Jake yells at him to turn around.

As Marco drives away he thinks the scene is totally cool.

Chapter 26
This chapter is narrated by Jake.

Jake mentions that the good news is they're out of the neighborhood. The bad news is that they're now on the highway. After yelling at the joker, Marco replies that this is better since it's more like the game.

Unfortunately it's like the part of the game where Marco always crashes.

Marco makes me feel so much better about my driving skills.
As Marco is 'driving' the other drivers throw insults at him. My favorite being:

"Where'd you learn to drive? Jersey? You stupid . . ."

Marco then decides to go off road. Suffice it to say that Jake is not impressed at all.

As they smoothly cruise through the-hahahahaha! I tried. I tried.

As Marco nearly crashes many times, Jake says he is nearly morphed and that Marco should morph in the next five minutes. He also tells Marco to not destroy Cassie's father's truck. If it isn't totaled by the end I'll be shocked.

Marco slows down, which means he slams on the breaks and Jake leaves the truck. I don't know about Jake, but I'm thinking I'd feel better facing the Veleek than riding in a vehicle that Marco is driving.
Jake then takes in sensory information from the tiger morph. Focusing mostly on its agility and speed.

Jake decides to act like a lunatic and charge at the Veleek, diving below it at the last possible second. Then proceeding to rush away from it. He quickly finds out that for all its power, the Veleek isn't that maneuverable and that makes sense.

The Veleek didn't come from a planet with the landscape of Earth. It came from Saturn and none of its prey was most likely able to evade like a tiger is. Or at least the majority of its prey.

But Jake realizes two downsides among this good news. The first is that he had found one weakness which wasn't enough to combat it.

The second was his lack of endurance.

But tigers do not have great endurance. I was a sprinter, not a marathon runner.

The plan was for each Animorph to morph and demorph to distract the creature. Also to wear the creature out. Jake doesn't know if the creature can be worn out or if he can even last round one of this plan.

Jake ends up leaping of a tree and...we'll have to wait for the next chapter to find out what happens!

Chapter 27
This chapter is narrated by Rachel.

After two chapters focusing on Marco's lack of driving skills, we get back to Rachel.

As the Veleek drops her back to Earth, Rachel finally remembers what she was doing right before she got amnesia. Not that she connects the memory to any kind of timeline. She is excited that she remembers the name Tobias, though.

My inner Rachias shipper is going wild right now!
She then sees Marco crash into a parked car and Jake, in mid-morph, jumps out. She also sees Cassie coming towards her. She remembers Cassie being at the abandoned construction site, but doesn't know if the girl can be trusted.

Cassie says Rachel's name and then:

Rachel. Yes. What the deer-scorpion-alien had called me at the burning shack. Rachel. Yes. That was my name.

A series of memories of people calling Rachel Rachel goes through her mind.

Rachel then demands Cassie tell her who she is or she'll kill her. Cassie says her name and is confused that Rachel doesn't remember her. Cassie asks if Rachel is okay.

Wait? What? You really need confirmation of that fact? Good thing Marco isn't here or he'd have a zinger for you. A really good one.
Rachel reveals she's lost a good chunk of her memory and asks what she is. She doesn't believe she's human as she can do things a normal person can't.

"You are an Animorph, Rachel. An Animorph. And I guess something has happened to you to mess up your memory. But right now, my friend, you have to trust me. You have to trust me."

Rachel thinks if she can really trust this girl that she can't remember. If it is even safe to do so.
She decides to trust Cassie and asks her friend what to do.

Chapter 28
This chapter is narrated by Ax.

We open this chapter with Ax still bitching and moaning about how not fighting Visser Three was dishonorable and blah blah blah. Dude, that fucker is VISSER THREE!

You shouldn't worry if this is your one time or not, you should focus on escaping and facing the Visser later. When there is a better time than two seconds before death to do so.

No. Logic said no. But I felt a sick, twisting doubt inside me. Dishonor is a terrible thing. Worse than death for an Andalite warrior.

Fucking shove your Edgelord self up your ass. Please!
Finally we get a moment of calm from him whining as something happens.

Ax finds himself on the Blade ship's bridge and I find something highly interesting. Taxxon's, who are supposed to be very hard to control, are put to delicate work. Wouldn't a more stable host be better?

A hologram shows the Veleek attacking and Visser Three taunts the aristh about another of the Animorphs being captured. Ax quickly realizes that Visser Three's beast is chasing Jake, the Andalite's temporary Prince.

[There are some magnificent animals on this planet,] Visser Three said. [I'll have to acquire one of those. Look how it moves! But it's wearing out. It's a fast killer. It can't handle the long battles.]

You just know Visser Three's browser history is all YouTube cat videos. He probably plans for YouTube cat videos to be some of the last remnants of humanity because he can't live without them.
The Veleek is about to kill Jake when...Visser Three gets very angry and a human-Controller timidly tells him that the creature must have sensed another person morphing. The Controller tries to say that their control over the creature isn't total.

The Controller is more than amazed that he survived the encounter and Visser Three says to keep a visual lock on the Veleek. A Taxxon says something and then the Visser kills it. He then says that the Taxxon told him that keeping a visual lock on the Veleek was difficult. No one questions the Visser's order after that.

And two Taxxons eat the fallen Taxxon. If you ever want to know why I'm messed up today, this is why. This was my childhood.

On the plus side, everyone was really focusing on their job now.
The chapter ends with the Visser telling Ax this:

[I would like to take them alive, for my own reasons. But if I can't, I will make do with their lifeless bodies.]
Animorphs Re-Read



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