Sunday, January 24, 2016

Rage Warden (Jash's Dragon Army)

Adopt one today!
This dragon has been named: Rage Warden by me as no one decided to name him. He is so named because of his breed's violent tendencies. Plus he is relatively calm due to this breed.

The bio I have planned for him is:
Rage Warden is good at controlling his temper. Albeit that's comparing his temper to others of his breed, so not really saying much. During mating season he has high standards for females he will go after. This does mean, though, when he finds a female he likes he will battle fiercely in order to win her.

I would like you to name the new dragon (found on the side of the blog). I will first list the rules for sending name suggestions and then benefits of doing so.

Rules for Sending Name Suggestions:

1.) I Can Only Name Dragons That Have Reached the Hatchling Stage
So if I say I have accepted your name, but the dragon isn't named on the site that's why. Also, if you don't choose a gender neutral name I will have to wait to see what the dragon's gender ends up being before deciding.

2.) I Can't Choose Names That Are Taken
Even if I love the name that you suggested, if it's already taken by someone else I can't name the dragon that.

3.) I Can't Choose Inappropriate Names
It's a rule of Dragon Cave or else I wouldn't mind.

Benefits of Having Your Name Suggestion Chosen:

1.) You Can Advertise On My Blog
As long as the dragon is on my blog: I'll provide a link to your own blog, etsy shop, ect. If you want to advertise a site as a whole you'll need to be the owner of said site. However, whatever you're advertising can't only contain mature material.

2.) You Can Help with the Bio of the Dragon
If you name the dragon you can suggest what you want to be in its bio.

3.) You Can Advertise Via Posts
You can have me post three ads. The limitations are that it can't be mature material, or if it's something like a blog it can't all be mature material, and you can't have two or more ads on the same day.

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