Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Fear of Ice (RachelBerenson's Journal)

I am not one to complain when I have aches and pains. I am a warrior and am filled with the power of the Shadowbinder. I don't like feeling weak or like I can't fulfill a task. Sometimes I act more confident than I am just to reassure everyone else.

But after my most recent battle, which included an encounter with the Icewarden, I needed some time off. Currently Ellimist was fixing me. We were discussing the deity of the Ice Flight. The Wildclaw liked the deity and had once planned to serve him.

He did bring up some good points. Made the deity not seem so...well...evil. Made the deity actually seem draconic in a very odd way. I asked him if he still wanted to switch flights and he said no.

I knew why: he loved Crayak too much to abandon it.

After today's encounter...I never even wanted to hear the Icewarden's name again.

I had recently been involved in the battle upon the Fortress of Ends. The deepest part of the Icewarden's territory. Why I was there was to help destroy something that the Shadowbinder didn't like.

Maybe it was because it was a trick she was playing on her fellow deity or maybe she was playing the long game. My deity hides in the shadows and waits for the right moment to strike. She is much more reserved than I am in battle.

Much more.

The artifact was...I don't know what it was. I saw it with my own eyes and felt nothing from it. Not fear or happiness or any other emotion. I was the only one of the Warrior Department to encounter it as they were caught up with fighting the Icewarden's servants.

I, being me, ran into the thick of battle and managed to get to it.

There I both destroyed it and fought the Icewarden. Fighting a deity is horrifying and thrilling. A whole range of emotions. I am only alive now because he wanted me alive. Because he had a worse fate planned for me.

I shiver as I remember the Icewarden's curse. The curse that struck at my deepest fear. I was afraid of my own bloodlust, just as much as I loved it. I wanted control just as much as I wanted to lose all sense of reason. To become like Kali.

The Icewarden's curse was that all my children would have my same bloodlust without any of my control. Hopefully someone in my clan would know how to reverse it.

Thanking Ellimist for his service, I went to take a short run. Maybe that would help me cool down.

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