Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weekly Update 1/10/2016

For those of you who are stopping by my blog for the first time and/or don't have a lot of time to keep up with my blog, this is for you.

I will be posting on some of what I consider important stuff I have blogged about this week and updates on upcoming chapters of fics/projects.

I will be attempting to post these posts once a week every Sunday, but don't be surprised if I miss a week or two (hey, I sometimes have an actual life).

The Final Destination Review Has Started
The first part of my The Final Destination Review is out. This part doesn't contain spoilers. HERE it is.
My Final Hunger Games Review
This little review goes over the final part of the Hunger Games movies. I do give spoilers in this one so if you haven't seen it...wait until you do. It can be found HERE.
Another Inbetween Chapter
Of course Tobias survives from last chapter. But how? Go HERE to find out.

Next AniVerse Update
So have you been suffering due to a lack of AniVerse? In a few days, a new update will be out! Catch up on the Choose Your Own Adventure HERE.

If you have been a fan of this blog for a little bit and want to donate, there are ways. I do writing commissions on Fiverr. So if you have a fanfic you are thinking about but just can't write, I'm here for you. I also have a Patreon and the rewards so far are an exclusive 30 minute vlog every month and monthly insider info about my upcoming e-books. Also, every Patron gets access to exclusive reviews.

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