Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Fateful Journey 2

I circled around the area that I thought the dragon was. I followed its continuing cries and finally saw it. The cry was coming from a Coatl. The breed was infamous for its inability to fight, thinking that they were above everyone. Though that wasn't always the case as this male Coatl was showing the Nocturnes that were attacking him.

He bared his teeth as he let out powerful spells. Some of the spells disrupting the air and making it hard for me to not crash into the ground.

I quickly realized that if I continued to observe I wouldn't last long. I could manage with a broken wing and tail for a little bit, but I would prefer not to be harmed for mere curiosity.

While I preferred peace, the urge to fight was strong in my blood and I had followed the Coatl's cries to help him. I couldn't leave him now.

Letting out a loud roar, I dove down and aimed for the neck of one of the three Nocturnes. I didn't manage to land a blow but I was lucky to get away with just a few scratches on my left arm. Quickly changing direction, I managed to cut into one of its wings.

"Ah!" I yelled out as I tried to concentrate on fighting.

"Idiot!" A voice called out and I felt myself enveloped by a field.

The field protected me from the physical attacks of the Nocturnes. I would thank the Coatl later. For now, it was time to fight.

While I preferred a more physical approach to attacking and a more mage-like approach to healing, I did know a few powerful spells. Thanking the Lightweaver, I let out a ball of pure light that hit the Nocturne. The Nocturne's eyes showed that it, and its companions, were born from the power of the Shadowbinder.

The Nocturne who was hit yelped in pain and its responding attack was weak. It was fueled by pure rage.

Why was this dragon so far from the Shadowbinder's territory? Was it thinking about changing loyalties like I was?

No matter as the next hour was full of teeth, claws, spells, and pain. The area around us was heated up by our powerful attacks.

"Yes! Run!" The Coatl yelled at the retreating Nocturnes. "You were fools to mess with me!"

While I had survived, I still took note of every cut and bruise that I had sustained. The Coatl had also taken some damage.

I smirked at the Coatl's ego. Even though he would've died without me, I wasn't going to bring that up. It wouldn't be polite to.

"You're welcome." I said simply, looking closely at my own injuries.

"Thanks." The Coatl said slowly as if the word was odd in his mouth. "I'm Crayak."

"I'm Ellimist." I replied.

"And if you're one of those dragons who gossips, which I'm sure you are, please refer to me as an it."


The Coatl didn't reply and, instead, turned his Arcane eyes from me.

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