Sunday, February 19, 2017

Travels of Artictress: Jash of the Unova Region Entry #6 (White Version 2)

Entry #6: It's Cold Outside

I was kicked out of my house by my own mother at age ten. To me this is just another fact of life and something that doesn't make it hard for me to sleep. All trainers are kicked out of their houses at age ten to learn the art. The craft that is so important to the world. Some kids, of course, aren't forced out and become the regular people I meet along my journeys. At age eighteen this is more than comfortable to me. What has happened recently has made it a little hard for me to sleep.

After I earned my Legend Badge Team Plasma attacked. Opelucid City was suddenly frozen as the evil team found what they were looking for. I might have days where things are uncomfortable, see at least one of my journal entries complaining about rain, but I have never felt like I was going to die before. And never before have I felt a need to risk my life for the world. I don't want anyone else, human or Pokemon, to experience the fear I felt that day.

So away from more negative thoughts...earning my Legend Badge was a great experience. Each gym is different not just in the type of Pokemon you battle but the layout. The Mistralton City Gym was the most nerve wracking as if you made a single mistake you could get blown away. Literally.
The Opelucid City Gym was easy to navigate and was awesome. Though I adore Eevee in all its various eeveelutions, dragons are cool too. The gym celebrates a story about two ancient Pokemon. And when you get to battle the Gym Leader the two dragon statues, one of which you're on, slam into each other! I remember my knees shaking and it being extremely difficult not to fall off. It was a thrill just to find myself still on my dragon statue.

Each gym offers me a chance to both prove myself as a Pokemon trainer and a human. I have to win each gym by using my Pokemon and my own mind. If Team Plasma hadn't chosen to attack after I won my Legend Badge I would've loved to stay in Opelucid City for some time. Both to take a break and to discover more about the legendary Pokemon that the gym referenced.

I guess I can't get the thought of what happened in Opelucid City out of my mind right now. It's's nothing a kid should have to experience. I shouldn't have to think of the world being on my shoulders. All I've ever wanted to do is train Pokemon in peace. But I guess I can't have everything I want.

Also with Team Plasma trying to destroy the world: it makes talks with my Team Plasma fan awkward. Whenever I go to make a new movie or two our conversations are strained. We'll talk and he'll compliment my latest movie but there is something missing. We've always known there would be something to divide us. He works for an evil group and I'm a simple trainer/Pokestar after all. He is always very pleasant so I hope we're able to work things out.

My current team is Alec (Braviary), Alexander (Umbreon), Elfangor (Serperior), Cassie (Volcarona), Glenn (Vaporeon), and Jorah (Espeon).
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