Saturday, November 12, 2016

Crossing the Divide 12

"If you answer questions now I will make sure the torture is much less intense." Cersei told me. "If you tell me her allies and her forces I can make your execution swift."

The darkness I saw in the woman before me made me doubt her. It all depended on how she wanted to let her rage out. I could tell her everything and yet the bloodlust in her could still need to be sated. I was aligned with House Targaryen, a member of the House myself by Daenerys' decree, and the Lannister queen might see me as representing Daenerys herself.

"I thought I would be meeting with King Tommen." I told her, hoping that the loss of her final child was a weak point for her. "I was surprised to see you on the throne and not him. It is a pity he isn't here as from what I heard he had been a good king. A kind one. What happened?"

As her grip on the throne tightened I worried I had crossed a line with Jaime. I wanted to exchange words with her, not him. I didn't mind torturing the queen by mocking her dead son, but Jaime was different. So far he had protected both my sword and my son. I had no reason yet to cause him harm. While I was guilty about involving him, I trusted him to know why he was being involved. We weren't allies or friends, any goodwill from earlier wasn't expected to last, and we both had to realize that.

"If he perished in the wildfire, you shouldn't feel guilty." I continued, my voice soft and comforting. "It isn't as through you caused the explosion yourself. Sometimes things happen and we must move on. I am sure you will be a strong queen with the short time that you are given."

"King Tommen saw the explosion and knew Queen Margaery had perished." Cersei replied and her voice struggled to remain calm. "In his sorrow he jumped out the window to join her in death. We still do not know who caused the explosion and that pains me as a mother should never have to lose one of her children."

Tommen had died because of events his mother had caused. It would not surprise me if she had felt her odds of winning her trial weren't good and so had made sure the problem was erased. Saving her own skin had cost her her final child's life. She did care for her children and now the guilt would eat at her. Or else it wouldn't as she would lose herself in her rage. It didn't matter to me which way she chose as my fate would remain unchanged.

-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a Game of Thrones/Resident Evil Fic
-It's a Jaime Lannister Fic

You can read it HERE

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