Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Fateful Journey 1

I held back a sigh as my patient tried to break free from me. It was...annoying to say the least. I was merely trying to help him and he insisted on being a very trying creature.

"Let me go, dragon!" The Druin shouted, his voice barely able to from words as his injuries were so severe.

With the powers the Lightweaver had blessed me with, I had been able to heal a good amount of his wounds. I had spent hours making sure the risk of infection was down and that he would be able to return to his herd, wherever they were.

"I will once I make sure that you are alright." I replied, finishing up my work on him.

"You will just kill me later, I know your kind." He said, a snarl forming on his face and his hind legs making a half-hearted attempt at a kick.

"Maybe others would, but not me."

Not me. Not the dragon known as Ellimist whose gender shifted throughout the day, though I mostly felt like a female.

"You are all alike." The Druin continued and I decided not to reply.

It was useless to inform him of the differences between the Flights, between the servants of different deities.

There was the sound of a dragon letting out a battle cry and I lifted my head. I was peaceful, the majority of the time, but my breed's nature made me always itching for a fight. I just happened to usually turn that urge into something more peaceful.

Through the calling of the Lightweaver, which had grown steadily weaker these past few weeks, I knew I had to help the creature.

"Will you be okay?" I asked the Druin and he spit at me.

I wanted to make sure this creature would live, but that call...I wanted to do both but knew I had to decide.

And quickly.

I realized it was no choice at all. If there was a choice between helping a fellow dragon and helping a Druin, I would always help the dragon.

"I wish you a speedy recover." I said and launched myself into the air with my legs, a few flaps of my wings propelling me into the air.

I didn't wait to hear the creature's reply, but turned my attention to helping my fellow dragon. Something about the battle cry had sounded like the dragon was without hope, but not willing to go down without a fight.

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