Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Rage Within (RachelBerenson's Journal)

I could barely contain myself. I should have slept longer, but the thrill of an upcoming battle made it impossible for me to sleep. As the sun started to rise, I did some stretches. Seitou had ordered that all the warriors should fight off a clan of the Arcane Flight and Elfangor had agreed.

Those servants of the Arcanist had grown too confident in the domain of the Shadowbinder. I was more than willing to help teach them to keep off of our deity's territory.

And much as I loved the thrill of the upcoming battle, I feared how much I was anticipating it.

The majority of my clanmates think of me as nothing more than a bloodthirsty warrior. The undisputed queen of insane missions. If something needs doing, Elfangor tends to turn to me. And I do enjoy serving my clan, there should be no dispute that I do, but I don't like that people usually see that as all that I am.

Besides being a warrior, I adore fashion. Glau and myself will spend hours together discussing who is the best dressed dragon in the clan. Sometimes both of us go to the Auction House and end up spending hours looking at different apparel.

I also enjoy spending time with Cassie. Well, when she is at the clan resting after one of her diplomatic assignments. Just making sure she is okay makes me feel good. The simple act of talking with her makes me happy.

Even though I know I am much more than a berserker, I am afraid that my rage will one day overpower me. That one day it will become too much for me to control.

What will happen to my offspring? What madness will I give them?

I am distracted from these dark thoughts as Elfangor signals for all of us to leave. I double check that I am ready. Pushing my doubts to the back of my mind. I had to be strong for myself, my clan, and my fellow warriors now.

I took flight with Ellimist beside me. The newest doctor was coming along to be our field medic.

As we finally passed the outer edges of the clan, I thought that it was a shame I would miss the end of Riot of Rot. One of my favorite holidays.

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