Saturday, October 17, 2015

At the Source (MartinBedell's Journal)

I am at a comfortable place on a small hill. I have been sunbathing here since a battle has been announced. The Talonok, one of our allies, have been harassed by the Arcane Flight recently. I didn't really care about them, but that's one thing about keeping allies: sometimes you have to do things that you don't really care about. So all I had now to do was wait until Elfangor called some of the warriors to participate in the upcoming battle.

I hoped I would be chosen.

A short distance away the assassins are training. Jash, head of the Assassin's Department, is leading Kali and Cameron. Right now they are running and being questioned on the different deities.

I hear some questions about the Tidelord and wait to see when one of them will attack the other. Jash liked to keep her charges on constant guard, their minds focused on different things, to better enact real life scenarios. That's one thing I liked about her: she didn't ease up on the training.

But training wouldn't mean anything if certain battles weren't fought. We could spend the rest of our days fighting with the different Flights and individual clans, or we could go to the source. We could fight against the Shade itself.

With what has been recently revealed, there are outside worlds. Maybe we could one day find where the Shade came from, or at least get enough of a clue as to find the key of defeating it.

Jademoon says that the Shade is something beyond description and is the nothingness that was at the very beginning of time. So it can't be destroyed.

I don't believe that and think we should be more focused on traveling outside of Sornieth. I have yet to discuss this with Seitou. I don't think he'd like traveling outside of Sornieth, which means eggs can't hatch, or trying to take on the Shade head on.

I must discuss this with him one day...

I jerked my head upward as I heard a sound. I saw Kali and Cameron attacking each other. I couldn't tell who started the fight, but both were putting up a great offense.

Eventually Kali won, leaving Cameron to snap at her tail.

Maybe next time Cameron would win. I hoped so.

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