Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Quickie: The War Has Begun (American Gods)

American Gods, on Starz, just finished its first season. A lot of things happened which made me happy. While I did read the novel years ago I've forgotten a lot. So I can't say how good of an adaptation it is, just that I heavily enjoyed it.

The American Gods season finale ended with the war between the old and new gods officially starting.
Wednesday's Reveal

One of the very few things I remember from the book is that Wednesday is Odin. There have been hints throughout the first season that that is his true identity. Such as the two ravens that follow him around, him saying Wednesday is his day, the appearance of a wolf, and the fact that he has one eye.
Earlier this season, Wednesday murdered Vulcan and planned to blame the god's death on the new gods. This tactic disgusts Shadow Moon and helps to convince Ostara to fight against the new gods. There's really no doubt that Wednesday plans to use this tactic on other gods.
By the end Wednesday and Ostara have both made attacks on the new gods. Mr. World, leader of the new gods, promises that there will be a war. That the war will end with the old gods dead. I don't think the end is that clear, though, as the old gods may have some tricks up their sleeves.
Laura Moon's Killer is Revealed

If you were one of the ones that knew Wednesday's true identity before the season 1 finale of American Gods, you'll have figured out Laura Moon's killer. There was a raven seen shortly before Laura's death which is a sign of Wednesday meddling around.
Laura finds out this information after Ostara tries to resurrect her. While Shadow's wife is alive, her body is still decomposing hence a need for an actual resurrection. The reason the goddess can't resurrect Laura is because the woman was killed by a god. This leads Laura to finding out the truth of her death.
At the end of the finale, Laura Moon reveals herself to both Shadow Moon and Wednesday. By this time she knows that the Norse god wants her dead to have better control over her husband. So Laura, being Laura, is revealing herself most likely just to get back at her murderer. Which probably means she's in for some serious trouble come season 2.
Minor Season 2 Predictions

Without a doubt Wednesday will continue to use Vulcan as a martyr for his cause. On one hand Vulcan's murder was a disgusting act. On another hand it was a smart move. Vulcan was not going to side with Wednesday and so the Norse god decided to use him in another way. It wouldn't be good to allow a loose end in the war with the new gods.
Laura Moon, as stated before, is alive but only as a reanimated corpse. She isn't actually alive in the normal sense of the word, hence her attempt to get Ostara to resurrect her. I'm hoping her body's deterioration in season 2 doesn't mean we lose her for good this time. Her and Mad Sweeney make an awesome duo.
There will totally be a teacup breaking. I don't know why, but it will happen.

And that joke probably flew over everyone's head that didn't watch the Hannibal tv series.

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