Monday, November 21, 2016

Travels of Artictress: Tobias of the Johto Region Entry #5 (HeartGold)

Entry #5 An Epic Chase

So...I might have wasted a lot of energy chasing after some legendaries. I can't recall their names, just that I ran into one once and then became obsessed with chasing them down. I would go all across the Johto Region just for a glimpse at one. Figuring I needed to trap them from getting away, I tried to make one fall asleep...that didn't work.

The bad part of that was I didn't train my Pokemon as quickly as I should've. I could have spent endless days and nights finding the best places but I didn't. I spent my time trying to capture Pokemon I have no chance at getting right now. I felt useless each time one of them escaped and not even picking Apricorns could cheer me up.

The good part of that was I got a lot of exercise. If you don't have a Pokemon with the Fly ability, you become excellent at getting places quickly. I went through caves and walked down paths. Okay, I didn't do walking all the time as I do have a bike. I would have probably needed to rest at home a few weeks if I didn't have that bike.

Once or twice chasing the legendaries I came close to home so I visited my mom a few times.

Besides chasing after Pokemon I can't get yet, I visited the Ruins of Alph. I had gone there previously and tried to figure out the puzzle. After a little bit of trying I decided to come back later. In all honesty I pretty much forgot about the place and it was wanting to take a break from chasing legendaries that made me go back.

For some reason I solved the puzzle easily within a few minutes. Just as I grew a little bit excited about completing it I fell down a hole that opened up. They could've really put a warning about that hurt to go crashing onto the ground.
I had already encountered some pretty odd Pokemon but what I saw this time was beyond strange. Their name is Unown and they appear like strange hieroglyphs. They're called Symbol Pokemon and I can tell why. If you haven't already guessed, it's because they're the same 'letters' as the writing in the Ruins.

I spent a few days in the ruins trying to get more and more of the Unowns. I managed to get a bunch before needing to see the sun again. I don't mind not seeing the sun for a few days but eventually it wears down on me. my Pokemon were also glad to start traveling again.

Oh, before I finish this entry I just want to say that I have grown to love growing berries. My favorite one to grow is the Chesto Berry. I've run into a bunch of Pokemon that make mine fall asleep so I like to be prepared. It's a really cheap move to use, the making other opponents fall asleep, unless I'm using it. It is sort of funn...anyways, berry growing is a nice hobby.

I still prefer collecting Apricorns, still get so excited when I see some, but growing berries is quickly becoming my second favorite hobby. It is calming to do after a long day of training.

My current team is Hootini (Noctowl), Simon (Togetic), Hawkboy13 (Furret), Targ (Fearow), Naboo (Gyarados), and Rachel (Quilava).
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