Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Ultimate Animorphs Quiz (Part 1) (Quiz)

Animorphs is a series about a group of teenagers fighting off an alien menace. The series is near and dear to my heart so I decided to make a long quiz all about it. Each part will focus on different things relating to the series to help test your knowledge. I do not know how many parts I will make so keep on the lookout for future parts just in case. This part will be a sort of overview of the series. If you don't do good may want to think about re-reading the series before continuing. 

On Uquiz you can both setup passwords to quizzes and have them last only a certain amount of time. I'm doing this so that during the times between the password running out and resetting it I can make any necessary changes without interfering with people taking the quiz.

Password: MyNameisJake

You can take the quiz HERE.

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