Sunday, December 20, 2015

Rage Frost (Sub-Species)

Sub-Species: Rage Frost

Name Meaning:In the Animorphs book series, Rachel was full of rage so if she is involved with a sub-species I felt that rage must be included. Frost is from one of the colors involved with the sub-species.

Breeding Pair:RachelBerenson and JakeBerenson
RachelBerenson and Herbie
Lore Reason:RachelBerenson is afraid of her rage just as much as she enjoys it. She keeps control while she just wants to let go. While battling in the the Fortress of Ends, part of the Icewarden's territory, one day she ran into the Icewarden. The deity of the Ice Flight cursed Rachel with her offspring inheriting her rage without the ability to control it and then let her go.

After returning to her clan, Vergere and Glau were able to lessen the effects of this curse.

Requirements: Offspring must have a white or grey colored Crackle gene.

Rarity: 1 (with JakeBerenson)

3 (with Herbie)

Explanation of Rarirty: How many tries it took me to get my first Rage Frost.

Latest Rage Frost and Where to Buy Them

Auction House 

Dragon Shop

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